What Came First

Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Youtube ResidentAdvisor Beatport JunoDownload “What Came First” is a new label dedicated to Electronic music which has been set up by the people behind Egg London club venue. With the dance floor in mind, WCF aims to introduce rising new talents as well as working with established artists across a range […]


Links senssualrecords.com Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Youtube Youtube Mixcloud JunoDownload Senssual Records is a Ibiza based record label and worldwide event promoter of Dance/house music. Dj Coxswain is the founder of Senssual Records and reputated dj and producer of house music. Since 2006 Senssual Records has been releasing top quality electronic dance music. Senssual records […]


Links numbolic.com Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Youtube ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload numbolic is a record label based in zurich that cares for unconsumed forward thinking and deep electronic dance music. it was founded by the innovative swiss duo ‘dualism’.. as they offer a platform for artists who all share the same goals and ideas they are constantly […]

Late Night Burners

Links latenightburners.com Facebook Soundcloud Discogs Instagram An Amsterdam-based label founded in 2018, focusing on warm electronic music. Run by DJs and producers Kurley, Roman Coskun, and Marco Man, Late Night Burners aims to form a tight crew with all the artists involved, expressing the label’s vision together.


Links Facebook Soundcloud Youtube ResidentAdvisor Beatport JunoDownload Lazerslut is a Berlin-based electronic dance music label launched in 2008 by Miro Pajic. The genre-bending output goes from Minimal, Tech-House to groovy Techno. Artists and remixers include: Troy Pierce, Tony Rohr, Audio Injection (AKA Truncate), Alexi Delano, Marko Nastic, Billy Dalessandro, Ray Okpara, Miro Pajic, Noah Pred, […]

Ella Unique

Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Youtube JunoDownload Ella Unique is a Vinyl & Digital record label based in Belgium, founded in 2013 by DJ/Producer Cihan Mareno. When you are in a position to give back, you should! It’s essential to help develop and cultivate new talent that will one day be the future. Mareno brings […]


Links www.opossumrec.com Facebook Soundcloud Discogs JunoDownload Myspace Opossum Recordings was founded in February 2005 by Marcel Jochmann, who felt the timing was right to release some unsigned productions from talented friends. The label was launched to provide a platform for his peers. The breadth and depth of the label and artist roster naturally developed with […]

Embassy Of Music

Links embassyofmusic.de Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Youtube Instagram JunoDownload Embassy of Music GmbH is an independent music label based in Berlin, operating since 2001. Initially bearing the name “Ministry of Sound Germany GmbH,” the company changed names following a management buyout in 2008. Founded and managed by Konrad von Löhneysen (formerly COO Logic Records in […]

Sujet Musique

Links sujet-musique.de Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Youtube Instagram ResidentAdvisor Mixcloud Sujet Musique is a Munich based record label and were founded by DJ Linus in 2013 with the goal of spotlighting mainly local talents and long term friends from around the globe. Over the years the attention has grown gradually and thus there are now a […]

Terminal M

Links terminalm.com Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Youtube Instagram JunoDownload Terminal M was started in the year 2000 to release Monika Kruse’s own stuff, after a while TM became a little family with Monika Kruse, Patrick Lindsey aka Voodooamt, Stanny Franssen, Gregor Tresher, Stanny and Patrick aka Bad Pimps. Now the label has progressed and have […]

Loose Records

Links looseclub.com Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Youtube JunoDownload Since the early 90’ Naples imposed itself as the true capital of techno music in Italy, but was only in 1996 that the electronic music lovers found in Naples a new location which was made to measure for the underground scene: Loose Club. Since then it has […]

This And That Lab

Links thisandthatlab.com Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Youtube Instagram Vimeo JunoDownload This and That Lab is a think tank that combines music, art and culture and blends them. Our ideas travel with our minds and body through different worlds and bring the best out of them to our day. Our vision is wide — we know […]

Afro Acid

Links afroacid.com Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Instagram JunoDownload THE MOVEMENT Have you ever been in that place where you made a split decision in the moment and choose to go with your gut-your instinct? If you are nodding yes then it means you, at one point or another, freed yourself from expectations, labels and definitions. […]

You And Your Hippie Friends

Links hippiedance.com Facebook Soundcloud Discogs Instagram In the year 2011 Superpitcher (Aksel Schaufler) and Rebolledo (Mauricio Rebolledo) found their independent record label, Hippie Dance. Together Superpitcher and Rebolledo have cultivated a sensitivity for the unusual, for sounds that contradict the stereotypes, the soulless and superficial.


Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Youtube Beatport JunoDownload Catslovebass is a fast-growing Finnish-Italian label founded in 2007. Through hard work it has gained credibility in the underground scene and also stepped in the “main room” of the international scene: Catslovebass has been noticed, played and supported by the likes of Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, […]

Be As One

Links beasoneimprint.com Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Mixcloud JunoDownload It was early in 2006 when a common spirit and will of creating something out from conventional leaded the israelian Dj and producer Shlomi Aber, to give birth to his own Label… “Be As One Imprint.” Raised amidst and influenced by the old school Techno vibes, one […]

Upon You

Links uponyou-records.com Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Youtube ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload It is the year 2007. Electronic music is more popular than ever, especially TechHouse is on a thriving uprise and Berlin already became the buzzing nightlife capital of the world it is known as today. Amidst all these creative and musical vibes a new label is […]

Southern Fried

Links southernfriedrecords.com Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Youtube Discogs Mixcloud Vimeo JunoDownload Southern Fried Records is a London-based independent electronic dance music record label founded and owned by Norman Cook, better known by his stage name, Fatboy Slim. Over the past 21 years it has released records from Armand Van Helden, The 2 Bears, Elton John, Maribou […]

VIVa Music

Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Youtube Instagram Mixcloud JunoDownload Started in October 2006 by Steve Lawler, VIVa MUSiC began life as a conduit for the internationally renowned DJ and Producer to release the wealth of underground music he encountered on his travels. Now, just a few years later, VIVa is a self-contained hotbed for new […]

Bass Culture

Links bassculturerecords.com Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Youtube ResidentAdvisor Bass Culture Records is a house and techno music label started in 2009 by parisian dj/producer D’julz. The label is named after D’julz’ 10 years old residency at Rex Club in Paris which became recently the longest running residency at this legendary club.

Weltn Audio

Links Facebook Soundcloud Instagram JunoDownload Weltn Audio is a new record label based in Vienna, Austria. Its focus is on deep techno and house music. They are in love with melodic rhythms, trancy chords and analog sound. “Weltn” is german slang and means worlds.


Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Youtube Instagram ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload Astrophone Records is an Italian independent label born in 2016 as an artistic project by Raffaele D’Ascanio and Matteo Basso, founders of electronic duo Risico. The aim of the label is to connect themes such as the universe and spirituality with art, music and symbology. For this, […]

Criminal Bassline

Links criminalbassline.com Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Instagram JunoDownload electronic music. bassline focused. Criminal Bassline is a Berlin based deep underground house & techno focused record label & artist-collective with a special love for dark basslines.


Links seveneves.de Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Youtube Instagram JunoDownload Seveneves Records is an open minded music label that publishes different genres of electronic dance music which are convincing with quality and longevity. Besides, the artists and their music productions stand with priority in the focus and are introduced editorially and accompanied. They would like to […]

Love International

Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Youtube JunoDownload Love International is an ever-evolving collective of like minded artists, musicians and creative beings who have met through the international club/dj/music scene. Our basic message is simple. We aim to spread the message of love through music & art. We believe in their power to unite people, breaking […]

Curiosity Music

Links curiositymusic.fr Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Youtube Instagram ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload Curiosity Music is a French techno/minimal label based in Paris founded by DJ & producer Swann Decamme. Its goal is to awaken everyone’s curiosity through the promotion of high quality music and artists from the whole world. By connecting young talents and confirmed producers to the […]

International Deejay Gigolo

Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Youtube Vimeo Google+ ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload When Hell launched his International Deejay Gigolos Empire in 1996, his rebellious creative streak gave the label a punk DIY aesthetic. Started 1997 in Munich as an affiliate of Disko B, Gigolo quickly established itself as an independent label specialized in Electro, House and Techno […]

Diynamic Music

Links diynamic.com Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Youtube JunoDownload Diynamic,founded in 2006 by Solomun and Adriano Trolio in Hamburg,has constantly been an underground electronic music label on the rise. The motto: Do It Yourself. Diynamic, going hand in hand with its sub-label 2DIY4, the booking agency ’DIY-BOOKING’, is nowadays undeniably amongst the hottest imprints worldwide: Diynamic […]


Links ovum-rec.com Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Youtube Instagram JunoDownload Ovum Recordings is an electronic music label, specializing in house and techno, founded by world renowned DJ, Josh Wink. Over the past 20 years the label has grown tremendously, disseminating thousands of tracks, while forming an impressive collection of talented artists. Ovum, based out of Philadelphia, […]

eMBi Music

Links embimusic.com Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs JunoDownload EMBI Music is a small but rising label based in Frankfurt. Established in 2012 by Daniele Casa. After hard work we trust only in humility and collectivity. Our music can be selected as digital and also VINYL. FOCUSED ON DEEP, MINIMAL & DUB TECHNO