Opossum Recordings was founded in February 2005 by Marcel Jochmann, who felt the timing was right to release some unsigned productions from talented friends. The label was launched to provide a platform for his peers. The breadth and depth of the label and artist roster naturally developed with the addition of undiscovered artists who built their sound and careers as the label grew.

Opossum has a sound that is both classic and forward-thinking thanks to music personally chosen for its genuine sound and timeless quality, defying current trends. The sounds themselves spring forth with urgency, be it clapping hands, rubbery bass lines, machine clicks or pickup sticks. The groove holds it all together. Its records span the gamut of tastes in electronic music, from vintage house to thick tribal progressive percussion, warm synthetic sounds, italo vibes, glitchy hooks, and big room melodies.

Beyond any descriptive classifications or genre tags, originality is the hallmark of an Opossum release. This is possible thanks to a release schedule that is based on quality over quantity, and thoughtful ideas over a formula. The message is the most important as mediums change and evolve, and Opossum’s message is one of uncompromised music.


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