Afro Acid


Have you ever been in that place where you made a split decision in the moment and choose to go with your gut-your instinct?

If you are nodding yes then it means you, at one point or another, freed yourself from expectations, labels and definitions.

Afro Acid Digital, Afro Deep, and AA TRAX bring freedom to life.

Because you have taken the first step towards unleashing all creative power, thought and concept we welcome you to Afro Acid!
-Our motto-
No boundaries!


It began in the mind of Acid House creator (dj/producer) DJ Pierre, an innovator himself known for being part of that moment when an entire new genre of Electronic music was created.

Acid House came to be because he and his friends Spanky and Herb J simply moved out of the “box” and went to that place. They knew they changed history in that moment when they came upon that squelching sound no one in their “right mind” would think is music…or art for that matter. They knew they had just been Afro Aciieeeded. They ran with it and we now know it to be Acid Tracks, the first ever Acid record. The Acid House Rave had begun and music was changed. Techno and Electro came out of her. Mixmag magazine, the UK’s voice on all things music, listed Acid Tracks as one of the top 25 records that has shaped music in all genres as we know it today. As we counted down to number 25 we passed such greats as Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Elvis Presley, Madonna and then we saw at the very end-holding on to spot #25…Acid Tracks, by Phuture (dj pierre, spanky, herb j). This was an amazing statement and a true one as well because elements of Acid are in so many productions that came after. This couldn’t have happened without this -out the box- innovative way of thinking.

Fast forward to today…out of the same mind that pushed the boundaries of music in 1984 with the creation of Acid House came Afro Acid. Afro Acid has now developed from a concept to a way of thinking and being that applies to everyone, urging us to choose the natural and bare gifts that we were given instead of allowing outside expectations to guide us. DJ Pierre started with himself by choosing to “DJ” a set in a naturally led way. He begun by allowing the energy and vibe of his listeners, sandwiched by his natural instincts, to dictate a true set. If you are ever present at a DJ Pierre set you will hear a mixture of all sorts of Electronic music. “Afro” represents the Funkier more soulful brand and “Acid” represents a harder edged sound of Techno, Acid etc.

Tired of the “box” created for himself and other artists he proudly wore Afro Acid conceptually and found a way to share it with the world. He created labels with same concept taking on unknown artists and giving them a platform by adding big name producers and remixers to their projects. Afro Acid Digital (AAD online) and Afro Acid Plastik (AAP vinyl) the labels are in part of the afro acid concept and are pushing the boundaries to create open doors for talent that would normally be ignored.

As the sets became known and requested, an image made an entrance. The afro acid man logo was born. A take off from the original yellow smiley face from the acid rave days, Dj Pierre and team added a cheeky wink and an afro with a “peace sign” hair pic.

With the concept defined and the vibe growing and a definite look thanks to the afro acid man….the people started asking for Afro Acid on them! They wanted to be part of it. So afro acid tees were created and are being perfected for merchandising.

Afro Acid events followed and over the past 5 years have hosted major cities in the United States, South America, Asia and Europe from Melkweg at the Amsterdam Dance Festival (ADE), Springfest Graz 2009 in Austria, Kiev Ukraine, to England and Scotland. It became a movement attracting other artists such as Green Velvet, Glenn Underground, Mark Grant, Angel Alanis, Superchumbo, Johnny Fiasco, Ron Carroll, Roy Davis, jr., Barbara Tucker, George Morel and more! We are currently working on residencies throughout worldwide in specific territories as Germany, Spain, Ecuador and Scotland.

And so as the word spread, demand grew. It came in the form of an offer for a weekly radio show on the UK’s leading online radio show pushfm. DJ pierre was asked to take over a much coveted spot held by UK’s House music royalty Danny Rampling. Big shoes to fill but it quickly became a perfect fit. In its 3rd year, Afro Acid Live! (formerly Afro Acid Chicago) is one of the most listened to and downloaded programs on the station.

Afro Acid the movement now defines dj sets, dj productions, events, merchandising, a weekly worldwide radio show and a way of being and thinking!
It is now a brand to be reckoned with. It goes beyond its creator and stands alone as the voice of people who desire to shed the elements dulling one’s uniqueness, creativity and expression.
Afro Acieeeed…is now being spoken and chanted by people we now know as Afro Acid heads. Join the movement!


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