Catslovebass is a fast-growing Finnish-Italian label founded in 2007. Through hard work it has gained credibility in the underground scene and also stepped in the "main room" of the international scene: Catslovebass has been noticed, played and supported by the likes of Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Uto Karem, Luciano, Umek, just to name a few, taking the label's sound to such big events as Tomorrow Land, Timewarp, Love Land, Creamfileds, Off Party and so on! Catslovebass artists and remixers crew includes Eddie Hu, Playane, Jesus Soblechero, Fabio Ferro, Matt Klast, Gery Otis, Andrea Colina, Sebastian Xottelo, Mon & Nexus, D.Kowalski, Miniroom and more. Keep you ears open and get ready to dance!

PHILOSOPHY – We are cats. Everyone knows we like to listen. We listen to every sound and noise, even the smallest. We pay attention to details, the slightest movements. We always keep our ears open and we are very curious. We like the buzz. But what you might not know: we also like to dance… Cats love bass.

Music is communication. It communicates feelings, ideas, memories – it tells stories... It's the way humans share their feelings and emotions. Music is a universal language that sets no limits of age, gender, time and space, nor species. Music indeed makes it possible to communicate with animals – and sound is a way, probably the most important, for them to communicate with us.

And behind music there is an artist with his or her stories and vision. Our goal at CATSLOVEBASS is to listen to these stories and help our artists in realizing their vision and transmitting it to a larger audience.


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