Booka Shade – Sacred / Cyril’s Garden [ Blaufield Music ]

Artist: Booka Shade
Title: Sacred / Cyril’s Garden
Label: Blaufield Music
Release: 19 October 2018
Cat. #: BFMB047

1. Sacred
2. Cyril's Garden

Across the two tracks Booka Shade radiantly display their signature style with rich melodic bassline and textured atmosphere, one aimed towards a more laid back afterhours aesthetic and the other edging into more peak-time territory.

‘Sacred’ leads on the package, employing warbling bass drones and a combination of choppy square wave and organ stabs alongside fluttering resonant synth flourishes and crunchy percussion, whilst the focal stages of the track see a heady arpeggiated hook take control to further fuel the heady, peak-time feel.

‘Cyril’s Garden’ follows next to complete the two-tracker, featuring vacillating strings, a bubbling, dreamy arpeggio lead, sort organic drums and elongated bass drones to create a cinematic, dynamically unfold composition.


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