Various Artists – Bavarian Stallion Series 007 [ RFR Rec. ]

Artists: DJ Hell, Italo Bruto, Martin Matiske, 1KW, Panic Girl
Title: Bavarian Stallion – Serie 007/10
Label: RFR Rec.
Release Date Vinyl: LTD with Special Poster – Dec. 2018
Release Date Digital: Dec. 2018
Cat. #: RFR 007
Labelcode: LC 85121

A1: DJ Hell & Italo Brutalo - People under the age - 07:57min
A2: Martin Matiske - Change your Life - 04:39min
B1: 1KW - 148Ohm - 03:54min
B2: Panic Girl - Where do i go - 05:54min

A1: DJ Hell & Italo Brutalo - People under the age - Good ole‘ DJ Hell took to the pulpit again and goes all old-Testament on us. The guys have a message they’d like to convey. And oh boy, do they have a message. Joined with Italo,this is brutalo. There’s even an elephant!

A2: Martin Matiske - Change your Life - A classic chugger from a fresh face - Martin Matiske. Nevertheless, this one might be wine, cause' it kinda works fine. Traversing the galaxies we travel in the Red Dwarf, not knowing what lays ahead. Beam me up.

B1: 1KW - 148Ohm - Oh, the snare. Ah yeah, the snare. On top, we got some fine dystopian strings and a neat subdued vocoder spittin' out some German. Going all scientific, this nevertheless feels perfectly human. None of that Wir sind die Roboter here. Or is there?

B2: Panic Girl - Where do i go – Done in the sweetest manner of the greats, this tune is a track to spare a moment. Works in the sun and the rain, on a beach or a plane. Throwing us around like Hitchcock in North By Northwest, Panic Girl shows us the inner workings of Gone Girl.

Dj Hell

Italo Brutalo

Martin Matiske

1KW alias Konrad Wehrmeister

Panic Girl


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