Pale Blue

Mike Simonetti, Elizabeth Wight


Pale Blue is a duo consisting of Elizabeth Wight and Mike Simonetti. They met by chance, when Liz asked Mike to remix her old band almost 5 years ago. At the time, Mike was at the helm of one of the worlds leading electronic labels: Italians Do It Better. He was more interested in producing than running a label though, and he remembered Liz’s vocals from a remix he did, so he asked her to sing on a song. One song eventually turned into an entire album, and Pale Blue was born.

Their debut album “The Past We Leave Behind” was released in 2015, and pretty much came out of nowhere. The album is a dark, heavy, melodic, and dense journey that takes you through the world of techno, acid, shoegaze, and drone, while sounding like none of those things at the same time. Wights vocals are at both times ethereal and powerful. Their music is impossible to pigeonhole, but somehow it sounds familiar. Almost three years later, the album is still being discovered , perhaps because of its density, and people are still playing songs from the album, which is rare in 2018. Sticking to their guns and not compromising paid off.

Since then Pale Blue has caught the ear of tastemakers around the world. They were championed early on by Rebolledo, John Talabot and Âme and has since released records on Manpower's label Me Me Me, as well as Crosstown Rebels and soon a record on Correspondant.


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