Nils Hoffmann – Balloons (Video)


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It’s not an everyday thing that a 16 year old DJ starts his production career with a 1.2 million plays strong track on YouTube. „Balloons”, by Berlin based Nils Hoffmann, is one of those examples that a new generation is knocking on the door. Balloons was made available on SoundCloud in early 2012 and made its way through various free download possibilities on the net. This results in Nils’ DJ career immediately taking off, and he is in demand all over Europe to play clubs next to his regular high school duties.

For this Get Physical Music / Poesie Musik official release of “Balloons” Nils Hoffmann reworked the original with a brand new mix. „Balloons” reflects Nils’s idea of emotional deep house music with a retro feel, a trademark of Nils due to his vintage influences, casts a warm shine over the track. Chugging bass and a straightforward percussion track hold the mix up as it builds with is musically inclined structure and feel, setting an unmistakable and catchy groove.

Martin Roth is known for his pop-infused genre blenders, catching the ears of a very diverse selection of fans around the world. He delivers a fantastic epic remix following his own hit record „Beautiful Life”. Martin starts out the mix low, opting to build the track ambience slowly paired with a 4/4 kick. From there he adds various elements to thicken the vibe, turning gears and throwing in a bass element with a very analogue feel, matching the vintage style set by Nils. Martin sets a bold mood here, and tops it with a break perfect for the deepest late night dance floors.

AKA AKA & Thalstroem team up to pump up the energy levels. Straight out of the gate with kicks and vocal cuts – this is the ‘pick me up’ you were waiting for. Chord-play creeps in next to the synth and shows us the way to the floor. It’s a big mix, and a secret winter hit.


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