Matteo Luis – Can’t Give Back feat. Andrew Westermann (Video)

Matteo Luis – „Can’t Give Back” ft. Andrew Westermann

Director: Nils vom Lande
Camera: Nils vom Lande, Samy Tettey

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Internal info:
Can’t Give Back is a dark and poppy dance-track rising throughout until reaching its peak in a confusing interplay of several arp lines, the catchy lead synth and the vocals before coming to an empty, almost lifeless end.

The video clip follows a similar dramaturgy. The six different stories continuously intertwine until they finally melt together at the musical peak. The beholder can only understand some of these linkages. The girl on her bed is watching the boy undressing on web-cam. The breakfasting girl is translating their sexual tension. However, the boy running in fury and unstoppably falling into despair or the girl beating up the young man sitting on the bench will not be explained any further.

By leaving these questions open we created the same confusion the song carries, provocating the beholder to create his own story behind the unanswered questions.



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