Marlon Hoffstadt – Treat Yourself [ Ransom Note ]

Artist: Marlon Hoffstadt
Title: Treat Yourself
Feat. Raf Rundell
Remixer: Bawrut
Label: Ransom Note
Release Date: 21 September 2018
Cat. No: R$N16

01. Treat Yourself (feat. Raf Rundell)
02. Jungle Highway
03. Dolphin Cat
04. Treat Yourself (Bawrut Remix)
05. Treat Yourself (Radio Edit)

Where to begin with Marlon Hoffstadt? Since debuting five years ago, the German DJ, producer, label owner and party host has enjoyed a degree of success and notoriety usually reserved for those far in excess of his tender years. When not running his Midnight Themes imprint, putting on some of Berlin’s finest parties as part of his Savour The Moment series or enjoying the ceaseless rotation of the international DJ circuit, Hoffstadt is honing his craft as a producer with low-slung melodic house and techno of the highest order.

Out 21st September, Ransom Note Records are thrilled to announce Marlon’s latest EP: "Treat Yourself". The title track is a special collaboration with Raf Rundell, which makes perfect sense as soon as you hear The 2 Bears man’s easy-going vocals floating over the song. Featuring the peak-time house and vocal interplay that Hoffstadt so deftly bends to his will, it’s the closest the producer has come to a crossover hit since his infamous 2013 single ‘Shake That’. Rundell’s knack for pop excellence makes him a hard man to pin down, meaning a collaboration of this kind won’t come around again for quite some time. Oh, and having enjoyed a huge summer off the back of his own hit ‘More Cowbell’, Bawrut pitches in with a wonky acid remix aimed squarely at the dance floor.

‘Jungle Highway’ follows, finding Hoffstadt at his most reserved and mature. Over the course of its near-nine minutes, distant, glassy synths expand and contract over a rich ostinato of low end, painting pictures with rich reds and blues - a blood moon illuminating a deserted highway scoring a line through the desert - in the mind of the listener. We conclude with ‘Dolphin Cat’, which can be considered the opposite number to the title track; its crystalline synths posit themselves as distant lights cutting through fog, guiding a dancer in the direction of home. By the time its stellar bassline arrives at the two-minute mark, we’re already enraptured.

Treat Yourself whittles dance music down to its fundamentals and deploys them to maximum effect. It stands as one of Hoffstadt’s most assured releases to date thanks to his dedication to - and mastery of - what lies at the heart of the infectious. At the end of the day, as Rundell so eloquently puts it, “All that’s left is melody and demonstration”.




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