Lorenzo Dada

Lorenzo Dada currently releases on his own Label Sonora, Culprit L.A and Needwant.
Lorenzo Dada first found his passion for music at the age of 4 when he enrolled in piano lessons. Later on he studied music at the Conservatory of Saint Cecilia in Rome, Italy with a focus on piano, armory, composition and electronic music. For the past 7 years Lorenzo has been producing music and DJing shows in Europe as well as the United States. Lorenzo is also an administrator at The YAMAHA School Of Music located in Rome, Italy teaching students Electronic Music as well as Theory of Producing.
Lorenzo Dada has encompassed all of his talent creating a truly unique experience for his Live Set. This experience is created with Grand Piano, Ableton Live, Akai, Novation, and MicroKorg XL. Lorenzo has mastered to play the piano live while mixing music on his laptop. His Live Sets are commonly divided by his sound between classical compositions and electronic music. Lorenzo first developed this concept for his Live Set while playing in an opening ceremony for YAMAHA School Of Music's Electronic Music program. Lorenzo Dada is the first person to showcase this experience as a single artist. His past shows have included playing at GOA Club and opening for Marco Carola's DJ Set at Music On.
Lorenzo Dada as a DJ has played with many artist's including Jay Haze, Ryan Crosson, Marco Carola, Prins Thomas, Homework, and Amirali. Lorenzo has also played at Events and Venues such as WMC Miami, Music On, Sònar, GOA Club, and Pattern Bar in Los Angeles, California.
Lorenzo has been producing music in the genre Deep House under his label known as Sonora, which is based in Los Angeles, CA. This label was created in 2009 and since then has collaborated with artist's such as Jay Haze, Daria, No Artificial Colours, and Death On The Balcony. The label has also worked with many new talented artists to release on Sonora. Lorenzo is currently growing within the Label industry as a Label Manager. He works with Baseware for new releases on Beatport, Promo Pools, and does distribution for Digital Media on Juno Download, Decks, Juno Records, and Itunes.

Lorenzo has held residency with Goa Ultrabeat at Goa Club in Rome since 2014.
For the past 10 years Lorenzo Dada has been playing concerts and shows in Rome, Italy alongside influences (Dj Koze, Zip, Dj Qu and many others), gaining musical experience and outlook. He has also played in events held around the world including BPM in Mexico, WMC in Miami and Off Sonar in Barcelona.

He has showcased his Live as a guest artist at events held at GOA Club in Rome, as well as opening for Marco Carola’s DJ Set at Music On in Rome, and before Sven Vath at GOA Ultrabeat and Studios for Cocoon Rome.

Lorenzo Dada is currently working towards completeing EPs with Culprit LA, and No.19, as well as the first label album for Culprit LA.


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