KLARTRAUM – LIVE IN VIENNA “90 Minutes Live 35Grad @ Auslage”

Klartraum Live in Vienna – 90 Minutes Live – 35Grad @ Auslage

Out of the studio the two friends have taken their sound on the road, performing as Klartraum live around the globe, namely at London’s Fabric, Tresor Berlin, the infamous Ukrainian festival Kazantip, Goa’s renowned Shanti club, across Australia, America, Asia and of course Europe to rave reviews and rapturous response.
In the studio they free their subconscious through harnessing the immense wealth of knowledge to found in spiritual teachings. The creative processes start with a Ho’oponopono cleansing and EFT Session then with their equipment Midi-synced their sound is crafted through lightening quick jam sessions. The fluidity of their tracks reflects this process where two minds let their musical ideas evolve and merge together, constantly refining and pushing their own boundaries during this intuitive process.

Nadja’s intensely lively energy is bound by a natural continuity and progression in her work, resulting in tracks that tease and twist, leading the listener blindfolded through lush instrumentals and challenging soundscapes. This is regimented by Helmut’s skills developed through 20 years in the production game. These natural traits are often blurred as the two grow as individuals with the teachings learnt through the universal language of music. They have their unique way of creating music, making much of both their spiritual leanings and their hands of approach to ‘jamming’ out tracks live.klartraum fabric london

Driving deep into the subconscious, their music envelopes and surrounds its listeners creating a world in which just like a dream, things are never as they seem. With an aquatic fluidity and warm, wave like pulses, their music gently lulls you into this trance like state, covered in several bass layers, allowing accepted structures to become contorted and morph into something entirely new.


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