Format:B – The Magic Button (Video)


The Magic Button plays the most important role in this music video. It shows, that it is possible to create a great track by having a jesus moment.

Known protagonists of the scene such as Oliver Koletzki, Simina Gregoriu, Jens Bond, K-Paul, Ruede Hagelstein, AndHim, SuperFlu as well as the friends from the Zurich Friedas Büxe family and many more, have been invited to add a special note to this clip.

The whole thing was filmed in magic locations like the Kater Holzig in Berlin, the Stuttgart club Romy S. and the holy studio halls of Format:B in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg.

Responsible for this sweet milestone are Mr. Franziskus Sell/Format:B himself as well as – for the realization – Janek Benno Bennewitz.

What came out is a small and trashy masterpiece underlined with the freshest Format:B sound which, in the weeks to come, will probably rock exclusive dance halls worldwide.


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