Eddy Romero – Between Bros And Overground Remix Series Part 3 [ Expmental ]

Artist: Eddy Romero
Title: Between Bros And Overground Remixes Part 3
Remixers: Klartraum, Rodrigo Dp
Label: Expmental
Release Date: 26 November 2018

Overgrounds (Klartraum Remix)
Overgrounds (Original Mix)
Hey Bro (Rodrigo Dp Remix)
Hey Bro (Original Mix)

So the trilogy arrives to the end , our remix series is in it's last part and with it we close our ten years and also the release of the first label boss Album.

For this two remixes Eddy decided to get another of his favourites and those are the german based Klartraum after a long talk they decided to go for the "Overgrounds" track and they did a live remix getting an amazing 9 minutes trip where the unexpected can happen , listen to it carefully from the very first till the end.

For the second one the groove man Rodrigo DP and that's what you will do dance to that groove remixing the track "Hey Bro" so it looks that in this remix series we have the Album title "Between Bros And Overgrounds" choiced but it was not done like this really has been the destiny who has made this be like this.

So thanks once more , thanks for making possible our long life , thanks for being part of our label in any way , and the history goes on !

Get ready for next 2019 !!!


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