dOP – “Close Up” (Official Video)

Summertime touring life doesn’t seem so bad: you drink, dance, and stage-dive through the night, then travel, sleep, and swim all day. Even with the occasional nap on airport floor, you really have no reasont to complain.

For Parisian trio dOP’s latest video, “Close Up,” the group treat us to a first-person ride-along of life on tour. It’s so personal and inclusive that it simultaneously means you no longer need to see dOP live on tour and you really really must see dOP live on tour. We think you should take the latter lesson.

After a brief leave of absence to work with other labels like Eklo, Life and Death, and Welcome to Masomenos, “Close Up” marks dOP’s return to Circus Company. It’s a fitting homecoming for the group, who effortlessly toe the line between vocal house and digital pop. The song captures what dOP does best—mixing that perfectly sultry drawl with deep chords and warm pads—while the video brings into clear focus what has always been dOP’s best quality: the live performance.

The group brings a “real band” dynamic to the electronic music space with two members performing live instruments as the lead singer belts live silky smoothe vocals—it’s why Resident Advisor named them the top live act of 2010, 2011 and 2012. Ain’t shit changes in 2014.


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