Dj Emerson Interview

Hi Simon, we’re happy to have you on AltroVerso Let’s talk about your artistic background. Where do you come from? What pushed you to become a DJ and electronic music producer?
I have been making music since i am 13, 14. I always wanted to be able to make the music iIlike myself too and with the time my musical taste evolved and i got more and into electronic music.

Tell me about your latest album: “Repetitive Music”. I think the title is a bit provocative and the songs that it contain are actually a crossover of deep-tech-house, broken beats, and especially techno.

Well, my music gets its kick out of repetition and loops and thats also what kind of unites all the different styles of techno and house i like and love.
They are always very monotone with very little melodies. In the end it took me longer than for my first 2 albums about 2-3 years to put it all together.

Are you planning a tour to promote “Repetitive Music”?
Yes sure we will do tourdates and some Micro.fon showcases. Most of the dates will happen in the first half of 2017.

When you enter in a studio to produce how do you behave? Do you get inspiration by listening to others’ music or do you prefer isolate yourself from the rest of the world?
Basically i started the tracks in Logic to record the synths and lay the foundations for the groove. Then I transfer the bounced tracks to ableton to work on the details and work the audio material i gathered recorded and edited. Once arrangement and final details on the beats is done I export the tracks again and do the mixdown in pro tools. In this process the outboard equipment comes into action and allows me to make a mostly digital production sound raw and analogue. I really try not to draw any inspiration from other techno artists.

If you had to recommend a Dj Emerson’s record to an alien, which one would you choose to represent your music?
Well of course it would be Repetitive Music since it’s the most educated and adult record I’ve made so far and I think it perfectely represents what i stand for as a producer and DJ.

And to finish, what would you like to recommend to future djs and producers?
Less is more. Focus on the parts that make the track work and make them as effective and as good sounding as you can.

Thank you Simon,
a hug
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