Carlo Lio Interview

1)Starting from the beginning, how did you get involved in in music, and how did you end up playing gig’s all around the world?
My love started at the earliest age I can remember and has always evolved throughout the years. In terms of getting into the business, I was a heavy party-goer here in Toronto. I stumbled on to the rave scene where I really found the city’s underground movement and was hooked ever since. After the rave scene died I started to DJ but just as a hobby. Since i was really involved in the club scene I began to start playing some gigs in the city. But it wasn’t until I started to produce music that it took me to that next level internationally. After catching the eye of Dubfire, he really helped me get on my way and booking me at many of his shows as an opening act.

How do you describe your music? Is there an artist that influenced you most?
I guess the best way is always bottom heavy and chunky, super groovy and a bit on the hypnotic side.

For both Djing and productions now days there is a sort of conflict between analogue and digital experience, what is your opinion about it?
I think its a stupid dead end never ending egotistical topic. What does it matter if i made my music on analogue gear or digitally? What matters is how it is perceived on the dance floor. The end result! You dont go to a club and decide not to dance to a song whether you think its made digitally or on analogue. It’s just stupid.

What is your live approach? What equipment do you prefer to use during your sets?
At this time I use Native Instruments Traktor and X1 controllers.

What emotions do you feel while playing in front a crowd? How would you describe the feeling?
It’s a eutrophic feeling when you connect with all these people and know you are feeling the same type of happiness because of the music I’m playing. No matter how good I can try to describe how it, it’s still nothing compared to the real thing.

Moving to the productions aspect, you have just released a new EP with Suara, Technicolor Boogie, with a special fundraising program, can you tell us more?
Yes I’ve released with Suara a few times, and its been a while so I think it was a good time to come back. Both me and Coyu being big cat lovers I thought it would be nice to do something additional to go along with the release and christmas. So donating to a animal charity made sense.

What piece of equipment has a strong influence in your productions? You prefer using VST’s or you prefer the analog touch?
As much as i love the analogue world and plan to get into it more, i definitely am more on the digital side of things. Especially since I do most of my work these days on the road. As for VSTs – I am a religious Native Instruments Go to user.

You have played worldwide, what differences did you find between clubbing culture around the world?
Well every place is different. People react to different styles in different ways so for a DJ its very rewarding because it allows you to grow and open your mind up and play outside the box sometimes and forces you to step out of your comfort zone. Its great to play harder and faster in some countries and slower and softer in others yet have people react the same way. I think its super cool!!!

Thank you Carlo,


Diego Brancatelli


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