Chill-Out Zone #08 by VxV

Listen to CHILL_OUT ZONE #08 BY VXV byALTROVERSO on Playlist 16th March 2014 BY VXV Butch – Peyote (Atmo Trip) [ Visionquest ] Dominic Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda – Friend Of All That Lives [ Traum ] Edit Select – Blissfully Unaware [ Prologue ] Fontarrian – (d)ou(b)tsider [ Antime ] Beat Frei – […]

Wolf + Lamb – Make Me Fall (Ft. John Camp & Patricia Edwards) (Music Video)

SƧ – SubSoul – SƧ – The latest in House/Garage/Bass/Electronic BUY MUSIC ON: JUNO Given Wolf & Lamb’s well-earned party-starting reputation, you’d expect “Me Me Fall” to deliver their usual blend of vividly coloured, tech-tinged deep house. In fact, “Make Me Fall” is surprisingly jazzy, with synth trumpet solos dancing over a hazy female vocal […]