Manera, Welticke – Feinstoff EP [ Traum ]

Artists: Manera, Welticke Title: Feinstoff EP Label: Traum Release Date: 05 October 2018 Cat. #: Traum V224 Tracklist 1. Logos 2. Feinstoff 3. Cogitatio 4. Yugen The Berlin electronic music producer and sound designer Manera has not stood in the limelight of the underground dance scene so far but has worked in a collective of […]

Ikaro Grati – Burmese Days [Traum ]

Artist: Ikaro Grati Title: Burmese Days Label: Traum Format: Digital Cat. No: Traum V222 Release Date: 3 August 2018 Tracklist: 1. Burmese Days 2. Homage to Catalonia 3. Ikigai 4. Sangfugl After the sensational success of Ikaro Grati’s first release on our label in January the artist returns with a brand new EP on Traum. […]

Dovim – Cryo Gemini (Video)

Dovim “Cryo Gemini” (Traum V196) available at…… Release Date: 05th February 2016 See more at Traum webpage… Video by University of Mainz/ Apllied Sciences/Timebased Media Course: Editing Lecturer: Jens Schillmöller Students involved: Ben Schneider, Laura Lopez, Qiujie Lu, Fabian Herzig, Mark Wierzimok, Max Rübsamen, Jennifer Stark, Robin Städtler, Daniel Alznauer, Sandra Nickolay, […]

Intervista a Cosma Castiglia e Fabrik Way

Ciao ragazzi, inizio con il farvi i miei più sinceri complimenti per il vostro ultimo lavoro uscito pochi giorni fa sulla celebre etichetta Tedesca Traum Schallplatten . Però partiamo con calma perché qui ci torneremo in seguito. So che voi due vi conoscete personalmente, raccontateci qualche cosa della vostra vita, di dove siete e come […]

Cosma Castiglia, Fabrik Way – AltroVerso Podcast #97

Listen to COSMA CASTIGLIA, FABRIK WAY – ALTROVERSO PODCAST #97 byALTROVERSO on   Aired On AltroVerso Radio Sat. 19 December 2015 Tracklist 1)Fabrik Way-Logos (Traum Schallplatten) 2)Cosma Castiglia-Autostrada intergalattica (Traum Schallplatten) 3)Voltereta-Castigo al mar (Traum Schallplatten) 4)Max Cooper-Origins (Fields) 5)Sine sleeper-Appearer (Traum Schallplatten) 6)Filter bear-Eternity (Traum Schallplatten) 7)Juan Pablo Cerabolo-Blue coral (Traum Schallplatten) 8)Kiasmos-Looped […]

Tim Fishbeck – People Can Fly ( Official Video )

Release date Beatport: 03. August 2015 Release date iTunes/Finetunes: 07. August 2015 ARTIST: Tim Fishbeck LABEL: Traum Schallplatten TRACK LIST: 1. People Can Fly 2. Like A Hug 3. Traumata 4. People Can Fly (Marc DePulse Remix) LINK: on BEATPORT on iTUNES on TRAUM WEB SITE

Padre – This Is Padre [ Traum ]

Padre – Six Sisters Edit – This is Padre – Traum V190 Cut and Shot by Bip Mistry for Transition Film More info: PADRE – SIX SISTERS [ TRAUM ] PADRE TRAUM on WEB SITE

Sebastian Mullaert – Direct Experience (Wa Wu We Mix) [ Traum ]


Vincent Hole – Breach (Video)

Vincent Hole was based in the USA for a long time and is pretty much a new face we have taken up on Trapez. His music is emotional without being too clever and all (arrangement & elements) falls in place as if meant like this in the first place. The opening track “Repulsive” is a […]

Ron Flatter – Desert (Kohra Remix) [ Traum ]


Egokind & Ozean – Future Fireflies (Video)

Video by Andre Ross who is a writer, filmmaker and photographer who currently resides in Northern New Mexico. “Transition” Album by Egokind & Ozean (Traum CD32) Available as CD at Kompakt and Decks Available digitally at Beatport and iTunes See more at Traum Schallplatten Official

Parra For Cuva – Elara (Video)

Directed by Jensundsebastian Dop: Timm lange Driver: Maike drinhausen Grading: Jonas thorbrügge

Parra for Cuva – Turning Rest (Video)


Parra For Cuva – Veiled In Blue (Video)

Not much is known jet about the Berlin artistParra for Cuva, but he has collaborated already with Egokind on Traum and has released a handful of solo EPs which have already put him on the map for certain lovers of music, including us. The Cologne born artist is studying audio design in Berlin at renowned hdpk – Hochschule der […]

W.N.C. with another fantastic tune for Traum!

We Need Cracks – Auster (Traum 177) W.N.C. Techno, Electronica “Toulouse France” Discography : We Need Cracks – Geometryka (Traum Schallplatten) Traum Schallplatten Impressum: Jacqueline Reinhold,Helmholtzstrasse 59 50825 Köln Telephone: +49 (0)221 71 641 58 Fax: +49 (0) 221 71 641 57… Altro… Descrizione Traum, MBF, MBF LTD and Zaubernuss LC […]

Chill-Out Zone #08 by VxV

Listen to CHILL_OUT ZONE #08 BY VXV byALTROVERSO on Playlist 16th March 2014 BY VXV Butch – Peyote (Atmo Trip) [ Visionquest ] Dominic Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda – Friend Of All That Lives [ Traum ] Edit Select – Blissfully Unaware [ Prologue ] Fontarrian – (d)ou(b)tsider [ Antime ] Beat Frei – […]

Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda – Owltastic (Video)

Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda – Friend Of All That Lives – Traum V173 Release Date: 03rd March 2014 BUY TRAUM RELEASES ON JUNO For further infos about the release – click Traum Official website

Egokind – Fade Me (Video)

Out now the exclusive 6 – track Ep on TRAUM! BUY ON: JUNO Regie: Miro Bernatek,Kamera: Christoph Hüttner, Produktion: Max Michel Montage & Grading: Arno Scholwin Tänzer: Anna-Louise Dessombes, Jefferson Arce Rodriguez, Julianna Schreyer, Laura Brandt, Pascale Jaeger, Selma Kreibich Release Info: Egokind is a brand new signing on Traum we are excited about. […]

AltroVerso Radio-Show #06

Listen to AltroVerso Radio-Show #06 byALTROVERSO on Playlist 5th November 2013 Anna SchuSchu – Thousand Souls (Stefko Kruse Remix) [ Boje ] Usual Things Around – Missing You [ Innocent Music ] Pazul & Deepling – Catalunya [ Electronical Reeds ] Doyeq – Night Park [ Studio r° ] Ashworth & Kiwi – Zubr […]

Dominik Eulberg – Schokoladen-Fruchtzwerg (Video)

Dominik Eulberg – Schokoladen-Fruchtzwerg (Traum 167) The ambassador of the bat, yes it is true, and the ambassador of German melodic techno music Dominik Eulberg is releasing, 8 months after „Ein Stuckchen Urstoff“, a new EP on Traum. Fans of his music can anticipate another masterpiece of melodic music, which is based on him fiddling […]

Alex Under – Tender La Ropa (Video)

Alex Under – Tender la ropa (Trapez 147) For those who know Trapez since a while, we don’t have to emphasize what the artist Alex Under means for us. He put us into the techno circuit at a time when we were solemnly creating things out of our own experience and fantasy in our office […]

Extrawelt – Breedle (Video)

extrawelt – BREEDLE (Official Video) from denial of service on Vimeo. this took four months of formula experimentations and over 1000 hours of combined rendering via open source raytracers to complete. also check out its sibling for the-side track “THE INKLING” at audio by EXTRAWELT video by denial.of.service Traum Schallplatten V168 © 2013 […]

Extrawelt – Inkling (Video)

extrawelt – THE INKLING (Official Video) from denial of service on Vimeo. Extrawelt – THE INKLING (Official Video) Yet another fractalscape eco-exploration synced to the wonderful music of Arne Schaffhausen. this is the second and final video for the new single by Extrawelt. “The Inkling” is a much more streamlined affair in terms of the […]