Ramirez Son

With a dash of hard work, an abundance of talent and a knack for firing up the crowd on the dance floor, Ramirez Son managed to establish himself as a highly sought-after DJ in the blink of an eye. In the past two years, Ramirez Son a.k.a.

Cajetan Hartfiel – who’s already notoriously famous in his hometown of Cologne thanks to residencies at Silberschwein and DeepHouseCat as well as regular gigs at Butan (Wuppertal) or Darmstadt – really kicked off his musical career. Keeping his feet firmly on the ground, he nonchalantly scooped up first place at the MTV Mobile Beats Contest 2013, performed at various festivals in Berlin and Ibiza and ultimately signed with Incroyable Music in 2014.

As a true virtuoso capable of enchanting the dance floor with electronic beats, Ramirez Son’s magical skills and his keen sense for the crowd are best experienced in person – just like his virtually limitless talent for striking the right note with his versatile sets. His debut release on Incroyable Music, “Funk Organ”, may well be described as a truly explosive club track.


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