Paula Cazenave – Crazy Trip [ Combine Audio ]

Artist: Paula Cazenave
Title: Crazy Trip
Remixer: Ben Sims
Label: Combine Audio
Release Date: 24 September 2018
Format: Digital

01. Crazy Trip
02. Crazy Trip (Ben Sims Remix)
03. Picky Pigeons (2018 Edit)
04. Picky Pigeons (Ben Sims Remix)

Combine Audio is a Barcelona based imprint launched by Paula Cazenave in 2017 that has featured music from Gayle San, Patrik Skoog, and [ Wex 10 ].

The label's latest release features original music from the label boss herself, and remixes from iconic UK techno artist Ben Sims.

Paula is a regular spinner at many clubs around Spain and other parts of Europe, whilst her productions have also been turning heads following releases on labels ranging from Different is Different to Rotterdam based Patterns.

Providing double trouble with reworked visions for both of Paula's two original tracks, Ben Sims has long been at the forefront of the techno genre. Playing many of the world's greatest events, he also hosts the "Run it Red" radio show on NTS, as well as his own established label Theory Recordings.

Along with releases on his own label, Ben Sims has also featured tracks and remixes on a variety of other labels such as Tresor, Soma, Token, CLR and Drumcode. Recently he has also been collaborating with Los Angeles native Truncate under their shared alias of "Assailants" that has been picking up huge fanfare.

Kicking off proceedings is title track "Crazy Trip" that uses a tough and jacking beat to set the tone. This powerful club jam also uses a cutting, detuned melody with haunting atmospherics to tell its tale. Keep an ear out for the amen break that signifies why this will most certainly be a highly prized DJ weapon.

The first remix from Ben Sims adds a further injection of energy to the original along with some extra funk from a bouncing bassline, crashing claps and brilliant hi-hats making this a superb high octane affair.

Track three is a new edit of Paula's "Picky Pigeons" that keeps things subdued, hypnotic and punchy. Stripped back and dramatic in the same instance, this is a less is more approach that will definitely do the job on the dance floor.

The second rework from Ben Sims turns up the tension and electrocutes the original into a new stratosphere. Driving and frantic, the additional swirling undertones and looping elements create an instant attraction for those who want to go full throttle and bask in the blazing rays of raw techno.


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