Mia Lucci – 8 Pounds EP [ Kindisch ]

Artist: Mia Lucci
Title: 8 Pounds EP
Label: Kindisch
Release Date: November 2018
Cat. No: KD138

Melon Clouds

Label boss Mia Lucci brings new life to her expanding catalogue, a three track experience, ‘8 Pounds’.

First Mia introduces us to ‘Liv’, a track inspired by creation itself the track floats along its tech-house roots as it gradually blossoms into a warm bath of pad and emotion.

‘Melon Clouds’ breaks the trance and delivers a deep and house-y groove right from the start. Dopamine levels rise with the vocal ambience, culminating in a steamy, soulful shuffle.

For the last part of our journey, Mia takes us for a ride in synthtopia, where an air of experimentalism flutters through the tones as a thick percussive line drives the energy further into her sonic wonderland.


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