LuLúxpo – AltroVerso Podcast #146

Aired 8th May 2018

01 Il Est Vilaine “El Topo” Dialect recordings 2014
02 Maya Danon “Mad Hatter (Autarkic remix)” Relish recordings 2017
03 Eskimo Twins “Akashic (Red Axes remix)” Days Of Being Wild 2012
04 Yovav “Caribbean Zen Mode (Gerd Janson’s remix)” Correspondant 2017
05 Red Axes feat. Abrão “Piper Work” Garzen Records 2017
06 Robytek “Luna Africana (Red Axes remix)” Rebirth 2017
07 Confidence Man “Don’t You Know I’m In A Band (Red Axes remix)” Heavenly Recordings 2018
08 Videogram “Voorhees Stomp (Acid Washed remix)” Videogram Records 2018
09 Red Axes “Earth Core” Correspondant 2017
10 My Favorite Robot “Pink Horror (Entschuldigung remix)” My Favorite Robot 2018
11 Eskimo Twins “Akashic (Tomas More remix)” Days Of Being Wild 2012
12 It’s A Fine Line feat. Olivia de Lanzac “Cardiogram (Dollkraut remix)” Kill The Dj 2017


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