Lucas Freire – AltroVerso Podcast #152

Aired Sep. 8th 2018

Devotion Records / Brasil

Known for his unique mixing technique – which according to many witnesses is close to perfection – and for his singular vibrating and energetic performances; Lucas Freire does not leave anyone indifferent when he takes command of the DJ booth. His connection with the crowd is exceptional something that he developed over the years playing in some of the best clubs and festivals of the world.

Lucas Freire started his DJ career in 2000. His great technical ability, superbness in the mixes, and his vigorous way of expressing himself through music in the DJ booth made him one of the leaders in and of the Brazilian Techno scene.

His rich knowledge of the industry and his intense commitment in innumerous projects helped to expand the electronic music culture in Brazil which eventually brought him even more respect worldwide beyond simply being a prominent DJ. He was a resident DJ at the legendary Club A Loca and Lov.e Club, as well as leading projects such as Club Play, Kraft Club and Techardia party, which placed his city, Campinas, on the map of the electronic scene.

In 2004 he made his first tour in Europe and became known internationally. As expected, the European public acceptance was outstanding and Lucas spent the following 2 years traveling the old continent to perform at some of the most import clubs and festivals.

Since 2007 he lives in Barcelona, Spain, where he continued to evolve in his career, managing his record labels and developing his impeccable work in the studio.

Lucas Freire plays, produces, feels, lives and breathes Techno.


In 2015 Lucas Freire gave birth to Devotion Records and since then he manages this awe-inspiring techno label with his partner Fernanda Martins.

Betting on the freshness brought to the scene by new talents, together with the major quality of already high-established artists of the industry, Devotion has become, in a very short time, a respected and renowned label. Proof of this is that today it is common to find their tracks in the sets and charts of techno industry’s leading artists.

On Devotion Records you will find dynamic, authentic, quality Techno. True dancefloor burners carefully selected by industry professionals who know very well what the scene demands and that elegantly adapt to the new dynamics and characterisics of this style.

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