Klangkuenstler – Dimension Null [ Stil Vor Talent ]

Artist: Klangkuenstler
Title: Dimension Null
Label: Stil vor Talent
Catalogue No: SVT232
Release: 12 October 2018

1. Dimension Null
2. Eternum

The title cut Dimension Null sets the tone, with an attention-grabbing, dancefloor-filling excursion into gritty techno.

Accented with a punchy bassline and a straightforward, uncompromising melody, it holds a tight grip on the listener, unveiling suspended chords followed by a hypnotising release.

At the heart of Eternum, an equally compelling but darker slice, lies an arpeggiated sequence that constantly shifts shapes and bounces off syncopated percussion pads.

An electro inspired track with a rave sound aesthetic, it oozes understated confidence and dance appeal that is quintessential to any set.


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