DJ Pierre & My Digital Enemy – The Underground (Remixes) [ Afro Acid ]

Artist: DJ Pierre & My Digital Enemy
Title: The Underround (Remixes)
Remixers: Hatiras, Wild Pitch
Label: Afro Acid
Release Date: September 21st, 2018
Cat #: AAD048

The Underground (Original Mix)
The Underground (Hatiras Remix)
The Underground (Wild Pitch Mix)

“Welcome to the Underground!” Afro Acid revisits an old favorite from label boss DJ Pierre and the UK’s My Digital Enemy. This release features the essentials—the sultry original mix and DJ Pierre’s groove building Wild Pitch mix—and adds a new take from Canadian producer Hatiras.

The original mix is a driving, dark banger characteristic of the Afro Acid sound, with an aggressiveness that isn’t quite house and a groove that isn’t quite techno. The Hatiras mix is on a lighter, more uplifting tip, taking its cue from the Wild Pitch mix with an infectious loop and jackin beat that’s perfect for hands-in-the-air speaker dancing as the summer draws to a close.

We end with DJ Pierre’s Wild Pitch mix driven by a funky bassline that teases the dancers with energetic breakdowns, filtered builds, and a surprising big-band take on the far less cheerful original.


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