Christopher Kah – RE:SOURCE 01 [ Highwav ]

Artist: Christopher Kah
Title: RE:SOURCE 01
Label: Highwav
Release Date: October 2018
Format: Digital

1) Blade
2) Machine
3) Extent
4) Warcry

Anyone who’s encountered Christopher Kah’s sounds over the years will know all too well that he’s a multi-talented multi-instrumentalist. A true innovator in his field, Kah is a man who takes great pride in ensuring his music is presented in a truly unique format. His latest endeavour is RE: SOURCE, a concept where “every track” he explains, “is created with minimum resources”. This all comes to light quite brilliantly via his latest, RE: SOURCE 01. Featuring four original tracks, the release also comes backed by four individual videos which demonstrate the producer’s grand knack for live production.

Kicking off matters is the sounds of ‘Blade’. Like much of this EP, it’s produced using the Roland TR-8S in conjunction with another of his weapons of choice, the Elektron Digitakt. A grandiose and foreboding track with shades of UR at its core, this is trippy techno of the type often emitted from the genre’s godfathers straight out of Detroit.

‘Machine’ is a raw, minimal cut that’s laced with acid from the get-go. Full of muffled vocal patterns, it’s a thoroughly uncompromising spectacle that never lets its guard down for a moment. A hypnotic track that’s most definitely suited to peak-time pastures, it’s sure to decimate any dancefloor its let loose on. ‘Extent’ is next up. A track that ups the ante even further, it’s characterised by its big room capabilities and dramatic overtones. Like much of Kah’s best work, it’s not one for the faint of heart, and has already proved a highlight of the French producer’s much-loved live sets.

Culminating the release is the sounds of ‘Warcry’. A gnarly track that’s notable for its restless sheen, it’s full of tantalising claps, snares and a heaving, chugging vibe that ensures the release signs out amongst a general feeling of euphoria. A truly captivating release, Kah’s latest is sure to find favour with in-the-know techno heads especially.


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