30303 – Sequential Rhythm [ Afro Acid ]

Artist: 30303
Title: Sequential Rhythm
Label: Afro Acid
Release Date: 19 October 2018
Format: Digital
Cat #: AAD050

Wave I (Original Mix)
Wave II (Original Mix)
Wave III (Original Mix)
Wave IV (Original Mix)

Defining a personal sound that represents an up and coming Atlanta-based movement, electronic music artist 30303 (Charles Elliott) releases the conceptual Sequential Rhythm EP. This work is based on an eclectic acid house sound of the late 80s and early 90s and inspired by the work of legendary Chicago house producer DJ Pierre. Featuring inspiring original artwork by local Atlanta artist Iman Mohamed, 30303 presents acid house in a fresh, evolving, and conceptual style. The EP is presented in a series of “waves” where a logical progression presents itself based on natural modulated acid house sounds.

“Wave I” opens this EP with deep, progressively-grooved from Berlin-based acid sounds that help inspire this EP. Packed with cosmic synth sounds, crushing percussion, and emotional builds, this work presents a floor-ready cut utilized for both early and late-night sonic introductions. The track features ambient noise throughout that helps build and release its sonically acid qualities.

“Wave II” creates a sonically futuristic vibration that helps lift the mood of its listener. Filled to-the-brim with cosmic brass, ambient bass, rhythmic acid lines, and dynamic percussion, this track progresses the EP into a direction of thoughtful artistic representation. As with all Atlanta acid house parties, this track embodies the feeling of love and commitment toward it’s inspiring dance movement.

“Wave III” progresses the EP further with a key deeper selection of sounds chosen for a complex of interwoven acid melody. This track was personally chosen by house music legend DJ Pierre, who helped inspire the overall EP. Fit with thick, tight bass sounds, classic 909 drum kits, and futuristic pads, this track takes the listener on a journey deep into the mind of what is 30303. The track excites by featuring a signature acid house groove found alike in many AFRO ACID releases.

“Wave IV” concludes a conceptually-based acid journey by introducing a complex and raw dancefloor cut. This track finalizes the EP with a dynamic and fruitful acid house sound that blends many TB-303 sounds into a deeper, rawer, and gritty house music groove. The track features hard-hitting percussion, crisp hi-end, powerful low-ends, offering new-age approaches to progress Atlanta’s house music production quality.


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