Jan Schulte is Wolf Müller. He makes music to dance to and then he likes to pick things up and bang them. He makes quirky German sounds from jews harps and odd items that you wouldn’t expect. He is like an underground German version of Herbert (but with more groove in his bones). Cass. makes soundscapes that melt your bones and take you elsewhere. Together they are a pretty formidable duo.


How did you meet?

Jan: We met in Niklas’s hometown Osnabrück, djing on the same party run by a mutual friend, Mario Schoo of Fundament, a local record dealer with a fine and wide selection of music. Further we were aware of each other’s music before we met.


Why did you decide to create this project together?

Niklas: We both have an affinity for ambient and dancefloor music, so it was just a matter of time until we came together in the studio to try out things. It was really inspiring and refreshing, for both of us.

Jan: I was fascinated by Niklas’s warm soundscapes and organic sounds, and interested in working with him for quite some time. When International Feel then asked me to do an “ambient” album he was the first to be called.


In what environment would you suggest people listen to this album?

Jan: In forest glades, maybe? And in every place or space where you can enjoy to take a deep breath.


Where was it recorded?

Jan: Wolf Müller Flanger Studio Düsseldorf, between October 2015 and February 2016.


Any plans for live performances of the project?

Jan: The first live performance will be happening at this years Open Source Festival in Düsseldorf, and we hope to do more!


Why do you love ambient music?

Niklas: To me, making ambient music is an endless way of relaxing. Creating and listening to repetitive soundscapes feels really good, it’s a perfect way of calming down. I don’t think that I will ever be able to produce any party based music. Focusing on something that has the ability to transport you somewhere else, something melodic that’s not lyric based.

Jan: Ambient Music feels like a music that is closer to your actual environment and can feel connected to everything surrounding you. It makes me feel warm and balanced.


Who influenced the making off this record?

Jan: To me this record feels like an homage to some of my favourite ambient or new age records on labels like Innovative Communications, Editions EG or ECM, but also there are influences of cloudy rap beats and classic balearica.

Niklas: I agree with Jan and add the following 3 records that influenced me a lot: Ulf Lohmann – On Frozen fields, Bryter Layter – Two Lenses, Manitoba – Up in flames


As part of their ongoing mini album series Wolf Müller & Cass. have a new album coming on International Feel, which follows two highly regarded releases from Len Leise and CFCF.




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