Wolf + Lamb – Make Me Fall (Ft. John Camp & Patricia Edwards) (Music Video)

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Given Wolf & Lamb’s well-earned party-starting reputation, you’d expect “Me Me Fall” to deliver their usual blend of vividly coloured, tech-tinged deep house.

In fact, “Make Me Fall” is surprisingly jazzy, with synth trumpet solos dancing over a hazy female vocal and swinging, US-garage influenced beats.
It’s kind of like a modern take on Boulevard-era St Germain, but with less bluesy atmospherics.
Those wanting a tougher club take should check Navid Izadi’s Club Dub on the flip, which twists the original into a sweet, basement-friendly US garage chugger – all thumping beats, cut-up vocals and jaunty keys.



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Wolf + Lamb – Make Me Fall (Ft. feat. John Camp & Patricia Edwards) is out now on Wolf + Lamb Records.

Video by: Jirwin, Dr. Pauly Walnuts, Chad Cexington, Brandi Svenning (with the glasses)
Featuring: Jazzeppi Zanaughtiiv.

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