ticktock :: A Violence Of Innocence (Official Music Video)

Taken from the new ticktock EP ‘A Violence Of Innocence’ – out now on hfn music:

Danish/ UK band ticktock have just been releasing their EP ‘A Violence Of Innocence’ wich will clearly make it’s mark on the Indie music horizon. The title track sees singer Sebastian Zieler switching between a tenderly crooned verse and a soulful chorus. The video, which is premiered via The Revue (US/CAN), Fantastic Plastic (ESP), Indie Rocks (LATAM) and Wickedd Childd (AUS) was a collaborative effort between the photographer Morten Jensen, lighting operator Milan Bjørnild, assistant Nina Zieler and the band, tied together artfully by editor Martin Munck Schmidt.

Music transports us to another place, and we wanted to give a glimpse of a colourful elsewhere. We also wanted to present ourselves as a band for the first time on camera – we’ve made a transition from a soloproject to a trio since the last EP, and wanted to show who we are in a direct way that reflects our musical universe and, in it’s quirky, humourous, and referential way, us as people together.” says leadsinger Sebastian Zieler.


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