Shinedoe Interview

Hello Shinedoe, first of all, we’d like to know at which age you started to make music and how you got there. Perhaps you have been influenced by someone, who ? “I started experimenting with producing when I was at the age of 19/20 years , deejaying around 1995. My inspiration at that time was […]

Shinedoe – AltroVerso Podcast #17

Listen to Shinedoe – AltroVerso Podcast #17 byALTROVERSO on Shinedoe DJ | PRODUCER | INTACTO RECORDS (World Wide, except The Netherlands) (Only Netherlands) Tracklisting: 1. Joeski – All By Myself – Nathan Barato Remix – Suara 2. 2000 and One – Hang Up – Remote Area 3. Shinedoe – Panomanic (Taken […]