Stereo.type – Wasting Time EP [ Get Physical ]

Artist: Stereo.type Title: Wasting Time EP Feat.: Felix Raphael Label: Get Physical Release Date: 30 November 2018 Cat. #: GPM484 Tracklist Wasting Time (feat. Felix Raphael) Rumors Others Stereo.type return to Get Physical with three more thrilling house cuts after their recent success on the label’s Words Don’t Come Easy Pt. 6 compilation with the […]

Kasra V – Akasa feat. Dopplereffekt ([ Firehouse Records ]

Artist: Kasra V Title: Akasa Feat. Dopplereffekt Label: Firehouse Releas Date: 19 November 2018 Cat #: FH013 Tracklist Atropa Belladonna Kasra V (feat. Klorzeiger + To Nhan) Bloom Akasa Otaku Inferno Bloom (Servito & Cudmore KV In Full Mix) NTS mainstay Kasra V joins Firehouse Records with a sublime 6 track EP. Featuring a remix […]

Enoo Napa – We Earth People [ Get Physical ]

Artist: Enoo Napa Title: We Earth People EP Label: Get Phisical Releas Date: 19 November 2018 Cat #: GPM489 Tracklist We Earth People Innervision Get Physical now tease a first EP from their Africa Gets Physical Vol. 2 compilation to be released in February 2019. The EP comes from Enoo Napa, officially the number one […]

Bruce Loko – Do It Right [ Get Physical ]

Artist: Bruce Loko Title: Do It Right Label: Get Physical Release Date: 16 November 2018 Cat. #: GPM487 Tracklist Do It Right Do It Right (Dub) Bruce Loko is another one of Get Physical’s fast rising South African producers, featuring here with a standout new single. Starting as a civil engineer, with a huge love […]

DJ T. – Istanbul [ Get Physical ]

Artist: DJ T. Title: Istanbul Label: Get Physical Release Date: 23 November 2018 Cat. #: GPM483 Tracklisting: Istanbul Sufi’s Dance Dance music titan DJ T. returns to his spiritual home, Get Physical, with another vital two tracker. DJ T. has had a busy year with many highlights. It’s taken him to standout releases on labels […]

Leo Janeiro, Hauy – Pure Bliss [ Get Physical ]

Artists: Leo Janeiro, Hauy Title: Pure Bliss Remixer: Hiroshi Watanabe Label: Get Physical Release Date: 12 November 2018 Cat. #: GPM485 Tracklisting: Pure Bliss Enigma Pure Bliss (Hiroshi Watanabe Remix) Get Physical’s international roster now turns to Brazil for a new single from key Latin American players Leo Janeiro and Hauy, while Japan’s Hiroshi Watanabe […]

Alessio Pagliaroli – Grace LP [ Get Physical ]

Artist: Alessio Pagliaroli Title: Grace LP Remixer: Kuniyuki Takahashi Label: Get Physical Release Date: 29 October 2018 Cat. #: GPM481 Tracklist Grace (Original) Grace (Kuniyuki Takahashi Remix) Grace (Kuniyuki Remix – Alessio Pagliaroli Rework) Following on from his fantastic EP on the label in February, Italian Alessio Pagliaroli is back with more of his colourful […]

Dj Pierre – Master Blaster [ Get Physical ]

Artist: Dj Pierre Title: Master Blaster Remixers: Leo Janeiro, Andre Salata Label: Get Physical Release Date: 22 October 2018 Cat. #: GPM478 Tracklist Master Blaster (Rework) Master Blaster (Leo Janeiro Dancetruction Remix) Master Blaster (Andre Salata Remix) A year after his first ever artist album on Get Physical, DJ Pierre now returns with a fantastic […]

Jacki-E & Eric-Louis – Marionette EP [ Get Physical ]

Artist: Jacki-E & Eric-Louis Title: Marionette EP Remixer: Jazzuelle Label: Get Physical Release Date: 26 October 2018 Cat #: GPM480 Tracklist Marionette Marionette (Jazzuelle’s Spaced Out Dream Remix) Marionette (Jazzuelle’s 6AM Disco Mix) Jacki-E & Eric Louis join the trendsetting Get Physical label with a new single that comes with two fantastic remixes from South […]

Reboot – Endis [ Get Physical ]

Artist: Reboot Title: Endis Label: Get Physical Release Date: 24 September 2018 Catalogue No: GPM472 Tracklist Findel Endis Allout Make UP German artist Reboot is back on his home label with another fantastic EP, just before he mixes the upcoming Amsterdam Gets Physical album. Reboot’s innovative tech house has landed on Get Physical since 2016 […]

Blanka Mazimela – Phezulu (Remixes) EP [ Get Physical ]

Artist: Blanka Mazimela Title: Phezulu (Remixes) EP Remixers: Aero Manyelo, Niko Schwind Label: Get Physical Release Date: 17 September 2018 Cat. #: GPM469 Tracklist Phezulu (Aero Manyelo Remix) Phezulu (Niko Schwind Remix) Phezulu Blanka Mazimela’s ‘Phezulu’ has been one of the biggest recent tunes on Get Physical and now it gets a solo release with […]

Thor Rixon feat. Duduza Mchunu – Build Again [ Get Physical ]

Artist: Thor Rixon feat. Duduza Mchunu Title: Build Again Label: Get Physical Release Date: 21 September 2018 Cat. #: GPM471 Tracklist 1. Build Again One of Get Physical’s South African stars, Thor Rixon, is back with another of his intoxicating house singles, this time featuring Duduza Mchunu. Rixon experiments extensively with live and electronic sound […]

M.A.N.D.Y. – Jah (Flashmob Remix) [ Get Physical ]

Arist: M.A.N.D.Y. Title: Jah (Flashmob Remix) Remixer: Flashmob Label: Get Physical Release Date: September 10th 2018 Format: Digital Cat#: GPM467 Tracklist Jah (Flashmob Remix) Jah (2018 Remaster) Keeping up a high quality and hugely prolific rate of release, Get Physical now welcome Italian star Flashmob to remix label founders M.A.N.D.Y’s classic ‘Jah’ track, while a […]

Cioz – Lucky Man [ Get Physical ]

Artist: Cioz Title: Lucky Man Label: Get Physical Release Date: 7 September 2018 Cat. No: GPM466 Tracklist Lucky Shot Cookie Man Italian renegade Cioz is welcomed to Get Physical with two terrific new tracks that showcase his rich style. Cioz is utterly self-taught so never adheres to any rules. This lends his music an unpredictable […]

Hauswerks & Doorly – Another Wrong Turn [ Get Physical ]

Artist: Hauswerks & Doorly Title: Another Wrong Turn Label: Get Physical Release Date: 31 August 2018 Cat. No: GPM465 Tracklist Put Your Back Into It Power Of The Mind Ayahuasca Two UK titans in Hauswerks and Doorly team up for a debut on Get Physical that packs a real punch across three new tracks, while […]

Thor Rixon feat Roxy Caroline – He Held Him Close [ Get Physical ]

Artist: Thor Rixon feat. Roxy Caroline Title: He Held Him Close Remixer: Stimming Label: Get Physical Music Release Date: August 10th, 2018 Cat #: GPM463 Tracklist He Held Him Close He Held Him Close (Stimming Remix) Get Physical continues their showcase of standout South African artists this Autumn, with the release of this EP ahead […]

Daniel Dubb & Jonathan Rosa – Diamonds EP [ Get Physical ]

Artists: Daniel Dubb & Jonathan Rosa Title: Diamonds Label: Get Physical Cat. #: GPM464 Release Date: August 17th 2018 Tracklist Diamonds Embers Daniel Dubb & Jonathan Rosa are next up on Get Physical with a pair of expertly crafted tunes that showcase their real knack for melodic house music. This duo has worked together before […]

Get Physical

Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Youtube Instagram Google+ Mixcloud Tumblr JunoDownload The name says it all: Get Physical tracks could hardly be more moving and corporeal. This aspect of physicality also resurfaces on two of the labels key releases: the in-house DJ mix series “Body Language” and the “Full Body Workout”, brimming with new […]

Misk – AltroVerso Radio-Show #45

Listen to MISK – ALTROVERSO RADIO-SHOW #45 byALTROVERSO on   Playlist 27 November 2016 Enzo Siragusa – Jump Up [ Fuse London ] Francesco Tristano feat. Derrick May – Infinite Rise [ Transmat ] Juan Maclean’s Peach Melba – Boy [ The Classic Music Company ] Mr. Tea – Living [ Bar25 Music ] […]

andhim – Spayce (Offical Music Video) [ Get Physical ]

A couple of years into honing their skills in the studio and behind the booths, the very dynamic duo known as andhim returns to Get Physical to present us with ‘Spayce’, the latest specimen of their self-christened “Super House” genre. Raised on a steady diet of hip hop and jazz, the Cologne-native pair have proven […]

Roach Motel – Wild Luv (Video)

Release Date: August, 8th 2014 Beatport: ‘Wildpitch I love you…’ “During the last few years, I keep on getting videos and messages sent to me of DJ’s like ‘playing your old Roach Motel mate in DC10’ and ‘I’m at P-Bar and the place is going mad to Wild Luv’.” “It was our homage to […]

Bryan Kessler – New York, Baby (Video)

‘We don’t really know if the young BRYAN KESSLER listened to Kraftwerk, but then again we didn’t ask – who cares, anyway? What’s certain, however, is that this punk renegade, songwriting wunderkind and all-around exceptional producer is a man of many faces, and all of them rock. Discovered on stage while spouting anarchist pop slogans […]

Vincenzo De Robertis – AltroVerso Podcast #11

Listen to Vincenzo de Robertis – AltroVerso Podcast #11 byALTROVERSO on Podcast Altroverso Underground Radio Marzo 2014 1 Guido Nemola – Kill Me Softly (Original Mix) [Abstract Theory] 2 Disco Kid – Never Ever Feat. Malisha Bleau (Studioheist Remix) [˜uπanda Records] 3 Max Rosardo – KupKake (Original Mix) [Recycle Records] 4 John D – […]

AltroVerso Radio-Show #16 By Misk

Listen to ALTROVERSO RADIO-SHOW #16 byALTROVERSO on BUY MUSIC ON: JUNO Playlist 28 Gennaio 2014 Fuji – Noise (Alex Piccini Remix) [ Back And Forth ] Special Case – Lab Rap [ Get Physical ] Uner – UbM [ Diynamic Music ] Dyed Soundorom feat. Aaron Carl – Naked [ Crosstown Rebels ] Daniel […]

AltroVerso Radio-Show #15 By Misk

Listen to ALTROVERSO RADIO-SHOW #15 byALTROVERSO on BUY MUSIC ON: JUNO Playlist 21 Gennaio 2014 Nick Galemore & Gregor Trierweiler – Clack [ Kindisch ] Julie Marghilano – Silence (Miss Jools Remix) [ Tzinah ] Rico Casazza – Leaving Las Vegas (Joel Alter Remix) [ Cartulis Music ] Richard Empire – No Rush (Mirco […]

AltroVerso Radio-Show #11

Listen to AltroVerso Radio-Show #11 byALTROVERSO on BUY MUSIC ON: JUNO Tracklist 10 Dicembre 2013 Hugo Barritt – Lahal (Alex Celler Waka Restyle) [ Universal Consequence ] Chymera – Aloof (Extended Mix) [ Connaisseur ] Seidensticker & Salour – Autumn Leaves [ URSL ] Brad Hart & Tara Brooks – Innersellar [ Alertha ] […]

AltroVerso Radio-Show #10 By Misk

Listen to AltroVerso Radio-Show #10 byALTROVERSO on BUY MUSIC ON: JunoDownload Playlist 3 Dicembre 2013 Soulade – Surplus To Love (The Mole & Chris Hreno Remix) [ Vitalik ] Khristian K. – Chevy Scene [ Lucidflow ] Bunte Bummler – Fight Livingrooms Mood [ Deep Tech ] Wankelmut – Wood & Wine (Ian Pooley […]

AltroVerso Radio-Show #09 By Misk

Listen to AltroVerso Radio-Show#09 byALTROVERSO on BUY MUSIC ON: JUNO Playlist 26 Novembre 2013 Frank Hellmond – True Lines [ Etui ] A Sagittariun – The South Node [ Elastic Dreams ] James Fox – Holding On (Medlar Dub) [ Needwant ] Freeman & Farelly – In The Heat [ Microzoo ] Dan Ghenacia […]

AltroVerso Radio-Show #08

Listen to AltroVerso Radio-Show #08 byALTROVERSO on BUY MUSIC ON: JUNO Playlist 19 Novembre 2013 Sonogama – The Chant [ Kindisch ] Soukie & Windish – Enter The Whiskey (Ada Remix) [ URSL ] Brendon Moeller – Reconcile [ Pomelo ] FXYZ – This Is Four (Dubbig) [ Elsewhere ] False Image – Abasia […]

AltroVerso Radio-Show #07

Listen to AltroVerso Radio-Show#07 byALTROVERSO on BUY MUSIC ON: JUNO Playlist 12th November 2013 Dave Marian – Last Change (Rinno Remix) [ DimbiDeep Music ] Rob Makzem – Relaxation (Sebastian Fleischer & Ill-Boy Phil Remix) [ Operation Tiger ] Telonius – I Make You Man (Rhode & Brown Remix) [ Gomma ] Pablito & […]