MonoPhaze – Flow Techno Podcast #08

Listen to Monophaze – The Flow Techno #08 byALTROVERSO on VRIL-Manium TREVINO-Casino ROBERTO CLEMENTI-Irradi DUSTIN ZAHN-Decorum YAN COOK-Time bend DIRTY BASSCORE-Pain ALEX BAU-Magnitude GARY BECK-Scada MIKE PARKER-Through Cylinders MONOLOC-Gravity Growl OSCAR MULERO DJ EMERSON-Outro 

Dj Emerson Interview

Hi Simon, we’re happy to have you on AltroVerso Let’s talk about your artistic background. Where do you come from? What pushed you to become a DJ and electronic music producer? I have been making music since i am 13, 14. I always wanted to be able to make the music iIlike myself too and […]