Soulade “Womb” …the making of

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As reflected by the recent RA “Real Scenes” documentary, the Tokyo electronic music scene has been challenged by the countries ever decreasing youth population.
The shrinking scene has served to strengthen the resolve of those truly dedicated and passionate about electronic music and clubbing in the capital, a purification process that all scenes go through when they are driven underground.
It is with this in mind that I feel all the more privileged to be invited to be invited to play in this fascinating city and this unique club scene.
As a gesture of my gratitude I have made a track for Womb to give away as promotion for the event.
Soulade “Womb” was created at the newly formed Bez Studio’s in Ibiza, you can see how the track was made and check out the impressive new complex from Pro Audio Ibiza that now serves as the music hub for Ibiza’s home grown labels. Huge thanks to Knock, Womb and We Love for their support.


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