Sierra Sam Interview

Diego Brancatelli for AltroVerso had the possibility to interview Sierra Sam, and that’s what Sierra Sam things about differences between when he started and nowadays and whats his music philosophy:

You have been in the undeground music scene for more than 15 years now, what changes have you seen and what do you expect from the future?
A lot of changes , back in the days there was no internet and the music was more important than the number of likes you have on FB, your press pictures or number of plays on Soundcloud. Nowadays if you are good at social media or if you have a good PR, it doesn’t really matter if your music is good or not, you can still “make it”. It’s not always like that, but i see a lot of people who are there for the wrong reasons. 20 years ago it was not “cool” to be in this techno scene, we were the outlaws, the outsiders , we were part of a subculture and people were looking at us like we were crazy to like those “boom booms” . Now it is accepted and commercialized, you hear techno beats on radio, in movies …

What introduced you to house music? How did your experience as a producer and DJ start?
I am not really a deejay i am a live act, i was exposed to house and techno thru friends around 1993 . I was already making music in bands and we had a home studio, so i started experimenting with the gear and had a release in 1995. I started as “it is easy , i can make it in a second” and it was not that easy to have something good. then , little by little i started playing live , we started to have a little community of friends, throwing parties in basements, making music, going to parties … Then Fuse Brussels opened, it was a revelation . We were there every saturday .

How would you describe your sound ?
I would describe it as a mix of my influences: techno, house, electro … a lot of Detroit, a little bit of Chicago. I love to sound analogue because of the gear i use and my influences. I am searching for the timeless song , i like a mix of emotions , power and groove. At the moment i try to sound a bit dirty , i dont like when the sounds are too polished .

In Welcome To The Black Out single the track states that “there is no funk in a digital world” could you explain us more whats you feeling about digital and analogue experience ?
I didn’t do this vocal , it was Paris from Detroit Grand Pubhas … it doesn’t mean anything more than sounding cool to me . Not everything needs to have a deep meaning (smiles) I am not an analogue nazi it is what you mean , I dont really care if you play vinyl or cds , if you make a song with a 909 and a 303 or with a software . It is all bullshit , if one has talent , it doesnt matter what he uses to express himself .

What are your expectations and wishes for the days to come?
I wish the new label we launch with Pascal Hetzel ( CYRK ) will be successful and that our four hands live set ( named CYRK as well ) will tour the world . We have DJ Rolando remixing our first release and it will be out in 6 weeks . I also hope to keep on playing live jams with guests at Watergate ( i have a residency ) , i had the chance to share the knobs and sliders with KiNK , Dave Aju , Yapacc and very soon Tolga Fidan . I also hope i will finish my album on time so my Broza Cesare vs Disorder won´t kick my ass to be late for the release on Serialism ( which is his label , not mine ).

Thank you Sierra Sam





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