Shinedoe Interview

Hello Shinedoe, first of all, we’d like to know at which age you started to make music and how you got there. Perhaps you have been influenced by someone, who ?

“I started experimenting with producing when I was at the age of 19/20 years , deejaying around 1995.
My inspiration at that time was by artists like Juan Atkins, Underground Resistance, Theo Parrish, Mr Fingers, Orlando Voorn, Aphrohead, Moodymann, Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Derrick May, Joey Beltram, Plaid but also influenced by African music, Pop, Rock, Hiphop, Jazz and Drum ‘n bass…
I just love different kinds of music, for me is not just one person or one sound that influenced me.”

Your friends and your family probably imagined a different future/destiny for you, how did your beloved ones react when you started to make it seriously ?

“My family and friends supported always my passion for music.
For my parents it was also important to get my degree as safety, which i did.”

Tell us about your first release, your first production for a record label. Would you have expected it ?

“In 2004 m y first track Dillema was release d on 100% Pure the label run by Dylan Hermelijn . This track became a big hit, from there the ball start rolling with deejaying and productions on labels like Music Man, Get Physical, BPitch Control, but also on our own label Intacto records.
After finishing Dillema, I just felt very happy and knew this track will touch some people souls.
I didn’t expect it will be that big and turn in to a classic.
It’s really great that people are still talking about this track. Every now and then, I get remixes requests.”

What do you think has changed today in the international panorama of electronic music compared to when you began?what do you think it will change in the next years for the future producers ?

“What i observe that the focus of the scene is more about marketing, pr and social medi a , m aking money then actually about the music. Also politics are involved in the electronic music now.
When I began, it was just about the music you produce or play, true artist.
For future producers will be a great challenge to get visibility, but I believe if they have true passion and professional people around them to give them good advice. They will find there way.”

Tell us about your future plans. Are you thinking to make a new release ?

“I just finished a remix for Pantha Du Prince New album Triad.
After the summer my new release Shadowboxing EP will be out on Intacto Records.
Also did a collaboration with Jerome Sydenham, Mirror Lines (Raw Dub) on his label Ibadan Records.”


On behalf of all the Staff of Altroverso thank you, all of us wish you the best for your future work.

A hug, see you soon.
Altroverso Radio Roma



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