Rona Geffen – Just Fuck Me (Video)

Direction, Editing, Cinematography: Fabio Dentella
Assistant Director and Artistic consulting: Stephanie Illouz
Assistant Editor: Sara Gleede
Dancer: Dwayne Strike
Make Up: Tea B.Adora & Sareta Rose
Face Mask: Crudelia Von Grimm’s
Concept: Rona Geffen & Fabio Dentella
Produced by RG Unlimited
Shot at: GREENHOUSE Berlin
In Recognition: Alex Forge, Joseph Wagman, Catalina fernandez, Dawn Sutcliffe, Yoav Admoni, Naty Mosko, Max Wilhelm, Ivy Geist

The Just Fuck Me EP by RG Unlimited and Meerkat Recordings out on 15 September with remixes by Anna Bolena, Gavana & Taapet



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