Qlons – Back To The Angels (Video)

Qlons – Back to the Angels (Official Music Video) from Qlons 1.2 on Vimeo.

Info Releas Qlons – Isoptera EP [ Society 3.0 ]

On 1975, the cold war is on its peak. In answer to the French-American disco ascendancy, the Soviet secret laboratories create QLON1.1 and QLON1.2 from the DNA of Danny Zuco’s famous haircut. Although the resemblance with the original and the capacities to dance of these two creatures were huge failures, the QLONS developed a strange power: to make music from common objects, from tools and domestic utensils as pans, drill, etc…. The QLONS project stopped abruptly in the middle of the 80s, pop having definitively overrun vague disco … Until the day when a power failure took out 2 prototypes of their cryonics. Having exchanged their shirts with big collars for Italian suits, here are the QLONS again back on the dancefloors!! Check out their new release for Society 3.0 Rec. and go ahead and grab your copy at your favourite digital store.

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PRODUCED by Claudio Quinto
CINEMATOGRAPHY by Claudio Quinto
FILM EDITING by Claudio Quinto
ART DIRECTION by Claudio Quinto
VISUAL EFFECTS by Claudio Quinto
SPECIAL EFFECTS by Claudio Quinto
SET DRESSING by Claudio Quinto
CAMERA, Claudio Quinto
ANIMATION by Claudio Quinto
CASTING by Claudio Quinto
MUSIC by Qlons


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