Paris Liamis “OF Town Techno” short Movie (Sonido Records & Chelebi Films)

presented by Paris Liamis



If you, as an Offenbacher, are looking for your happiness outside of the Domestic Dome, you will always be confronted with prejudice. We are being laughed at and presented as “Ghetto”. …’’Ghetto, Ghetto’’ … as we know it from Hollywood, where the correct definition of the word Ghetto explains anything but not the situation in Offenbach.

120 different nationalities live here together in the tightest of spaces. Through the multicultural exchanges, a subculture emerged. This subculture has taught us the Codex … care for it and defend it. In these days its formally known as Oldschool Codex,

Oldscool? The times have changed and all you can see is opportunism everywhere.

To defend the Codex and bring fear to the opportunists, you have to be massive masculine.

We are dwellers in Hell, but I know the price for so-called “Heaven”, so I rather am a King in Hell then of a Slave in Heaven.

Here and like everywhere else … CASH RULES EVERYTHING AROUND ME … .C.R.E.AM …

Today, the identity question is settled by the media , but that does not apply to me, I know who I am. Born in Offenbach, since the Roman Empire, Greece are my roots and I am Vlachos!

Lauterborn is also considered as Little Nador, Maghrebian City, but it is too mixed to be called Ghetto again.

And now, to end the debate whether Offenbach is a Ghetto or not, I ask the following question, would I be able to curse in 30 languages and dialects if Offenbach was a Ghetto.

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