Nils Hoffmann

It’s not an every day thing that a 16 year old DJ starts his producer career with a 6 Million plays track on Youtube. “Balloons” produced by Berlin based DJ/Producer Nils Hoffmann is one of those examples that a new generation is actually knocking on the door. “Balloons” which is an original production was made available on Soundcloud in early 2012 and made it’s way through various free download possibilities on the net until it got finally released on Get Physical Music / Poesie Musik in February 2013. The track with remixes by Aka Aka & Thalstroem and Martin Roth made it into the Beatport Top 100 and performed very well in DJ & Sales Charts all over the world. After that his track “Verwunschen” broke the Vinyl Sales on all platforms and the original and the Marlon Hoffstadt Remix gained hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube.

Nils’ career started to grow beside his High School duties. He played in Ibiza and a host of other European countries plus started to tour in Asia and North America. Gigs included big festivals such as “Frequency Festival” in Austria and the “Street Parade” in Zurich. In between shows Nils found time he remix artists such as Nhan Solo, Eli & Fur, Solee and more whith results gaining support from A list Djs Pete Tong, Maya Jane Coles, M.A.N.D.Y. to name a few.

By the end of 2014 his first song “Animal Logic” was released on a Trndmusik compilation which climbed the Itunes Electronic chart. In 2015 Nils‘ next EP “Rivers” was released on Get Physical/ Poesie Musik. The release included remixes from Fat Sushi and Matteo Luis.

Through 2015 Nils continued working on his his big room productions with output raising yet again. By the end of 2015 he released the “You” EP which included the fantastic vocals of Magnolia and remixed for the platinum award winning DJ duo Younotus. Behind the decks Nils’ DJ Sets are becoming well known for their big room sound and energetic feel which heats up dance floors without fail.


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