Nathan Barato Interview

Nathan Barato_AltroVerso_Seti Zekari1) You have been in the underground music scene for nearly 15 years now, what changes have you seen and what do you expect from the future?​

The most drastic and obvious change that comes to mind, is access to music that the people on the dancefloor have now. In the old days the people went to the club to hear this music because there was no other way to hear it. Now they know alot of music the same week it is released or before. Im not one to try to predict the future but what I see happening alot these days is DJs trying extra hard to find music that the people on the dancefloor do not know or have yet to hear…also more and more DJs are making their own edits of music I think with the idea in mind of wanting to
sound more distinct…I think this trend will continue to grow.

2) How would you describe your sound and what influenced you most in your sound research?

Hmm I guess I would say that my sound is round and pounding. I have a very wide range in my influences but the strongest influences for me have mostly been New York producers like Kenny Dope and John Ciafone.


3) Talking about now days, you had a really hot summer starting from DC10 arriving till ADE of a few weeks ago, and of course the Italian dates coming soon, is there a club or crowd that you prefer above the others ?

I’m not saying this because you are Italian or because I have this Italy tour coming up, but I say all the time that the Italian crowd is one of my absolute favourite to DJ for. I find them to be very ahead of the curve…they seem to have a deeper understanding of the music moreso than other crowds I come across.


4) For both Djing and productions now days there is a sort of conflict between analogic and digital experience, what is your opinion about it? What equipment you prefer using both in studio and during your sets? ​

In the studio I prefer a balance of both plugins/external gear. I think people should not waste their time debating these things. Just let people work with how they feel comfortable expressing themselves. No one should tell another person what to use to express themselves. When DJing, I prefer using Rekordbox for wav/aiff files and utilizing the creative options the CDJ allows these days. I do love the sound and feel of vinyl. But to be honest I dont have any interest in DJing with it regularly in clubs. I like it for the home. I never really enjoyed playing records in the days when it was the only option.
For me, I never cared so much what the format was…I cared more about the music. That being said, I still do buy records but thats only because there is some great music released to vinyl only labels. And I am always collecting personal treasures of my past and present…nice to listen to them at home.


5) After years in the music “industry”, what are in your opinion the skills you need to survive and become relevant in such a competitive business?

It’s an interesting question because I feel that there is no guaranteed way to succeed. I find that anyone can do it their own way. I think its a beautiful thing about this industry because people are free to make their own path as they go. They can write their own rules. There are some constants that seem to be consistent from one artist to another…work very hard, never quit as long as you are enjoying it, believe in your sound and stick with it…if you love the music you are making/playing someone else will too. Trust yourself.


6) If you could give only one tip to a young Dj, what would that be?

Practice at home for quite a long time before you play in front of people. Make sure you understand the fundamentals of DJing before you play in front of people. Also learn your music. Listen to it alot ! I don’t think you have to learn on turntables with vinyl but it will make you a better DJ. You will have a deeper understanding of what it means to mix two tracks together and how to create grooves from only your ears.


7) What are your expectations and wishes for the days to come?

I’m just happy to be happy.
Thanks for the great questions :):)


Thank you Nathan,

Interview by Diego Brancatelli



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