Moonbootica Interview

Hi Oliver and Tobias,
we are glad to have you both on AltroVerso

We’d like to know how you got to know each other and how you started the Moonbootica’s project.
Tobi and I, we’ve been friends for over twenty years and always shared a big interest in music. We played at some random DJ sessions on smaller birthday parties, and one day there was the opportunity to fill in a for DJ Koze in a very small but great underground club in Hamburg called “Golden Pudel Club”. Koze was sick that night and we took the chance. We got infected immediately. What can I say, that was in 1999 and just a glimpse later 17 years have passed, we’re still here!

Perhaps you have been influenced by someone. If so, who?
Back in the days it was mainly DJ Koze, maybe Daft Punk. But in the end we have been influenced by a lot of artists and many tracks that we loved over the past 20 years.

Your friends and your family probably imagined a different future for you, how did your beloved ones react when you started to make it seriously?
Actually, nobody was astonished as they saw us turning into serious music making, since we were both always digging music and kept on pushing us in becoming better and better. So there wasn’t any doubt or any other way then choosing this one, except of Kowe becoming a professional backgammon player.

You both came from Hamburg, a cosmopolitan and vibrant city; I think it influenced you enough.
Indeed. As we already said, that night in Hamburg really changed everything, from that moment on, our carrier as Moonbootica started. So influence enough. But of course, the city is always moving and there’s a lot of interesting stuff happening. Even if all the international artists are moving to Berlin…we don’t want to miss our city though.

Will the Moonbootica’s project evolve? Will it change style and form?
Of course, Moonbootica is always evolving. We have always been told that we have a very distinguished sound. But we gain experience and change style and form too, that’s a normal process for us. The only real important thing is to always stay true to yourselve and stay authentic. Then people will follow you on your journey.

You played in many places, is there someone that left you the most beautiful memories, or one in particular where you would return?
Yes we did play in a lot of different locations, festivals, clubs… We really enjoy playing @KaterBlau in Berlin for example. But in the end, we’re always happy once we return back to our hometown 😉

In this period is coming out the commemorative compilation of Moonbootique’s 15 years that I think gave you a lot of satisfactions. What can you tell us about it?
It’s quite strange to see how time is running. Remembering how it started, we did all mistakes you could do, seeing the label growing and helping artists to grow… that’s amazing. After focusing on us for a couple of years, we decided to concentrate on the label again sometime around 2014. Finding fresh artists and giving the label a new face was something very personal for us and with the likes of Curry & Krawall, FromDropTillDawn, Valentina Black & Less Hate, Julian Wassermann or Township Rebellion, we cannot wait for the next 15 years of Moonbootique!

What do you think has changed today in the international panorama of electronic music compared to when you began?
The Music and the party hedonism are becoming more and more mainstream and it’s getting harder to devide the quality from the quantity, the internet changed everything in the end. It’s like a flood of million of artists and DJs out there and it’s really tough to stay unique. But everything has its good and bad sides, in the end it’s just a normal process.

What would you like to recommend to the future djs and producers??
Stay true to yourself and find your style. Don’t get frustrated and don’t cut corners. Take every chance to learn and stay humble when success comes!

Thank you guys, I wish you both the best of your career.

A hug, see you soon

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