Miblu – Shooting Stars (Video)

music written and produced by Darius Edlinger
lyrics written by Miblu

filmed and directed by Florian Hofer
DOP: Kristina Kulakova & Florian Hofer
edited by Florian Hofer & Darius Edlinger
Lighting: Felipe Kolm
Grip & add. Lighting: Benedict Endler
Set Photography: Christoph Welkovits
Hair&Make Up: Emmy Santo, Olivia Weigelt
Set Production/ Costume: Anna Nagy
Jewelry: Kunsthandel Orth-Blau & Meshugge®

Jetski Film

many thanks to Andrea Heyer & Popmuseum Wien,
Room Design by Milan Mladenovic

Dorothee Redelsteiner
Walz, Wiener Lernzentrum
MIBLU is Miriam Orth-Blau’s solo projekt. She is well-known as a designer of her own jewellery label Meschugge or as a dancing power voice from former music projects.

MIBLU stands for a world between fiction and reality, is agitated between urban pop and electronic beats and can’t be pressed into a genre. She bribes with her open positive mindset and her versatility.

She brought Dandario aka Darius Edlinger (Nebenzimmer Sessions) as a producer on board. Her debut single “Shooting Stars” is a homage to Padme Amidala – “beautiful, kind, but sorrowful” – and is going to be released via Futuresfuture on February 23rd.


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