Mia Wallace & Werner Niedermeier – No Worries EP [ Ayeko ]

Artists: Mia Wallace & Werner Niedermeier
Title: No Worries EP
Label: Ayeko Records
Release Date: Apr 13 2015
Genre: Tech-House,Deep House
Cat.#: [AYK014]

1 Mia Wallace & Werner Niedermeier – No Worries (Original Mix)
2 Mia Wallace & Werner Niedermeier – Poem (Original Mix)

Ayeko Records presents a new collaboration effort from London based veteran Werner Niedermeier and Chicago collective Mia Wallace. ‘No Worries EP’ is a refreshing mixture of syncopated dance rhythms, dense bass lines, taut percussion and ghostly melodies.

The two-track collaboration rides an organic house feel while blending robotic techno leads and haunting vocals to the mix. This produces a unique and eerie sound that is original to the release. Listeners can expect to enjoy this imaginative EP for years to come.

Though this EP is the first official collaboration between the two artists, both have worked remixes on each others respective releases, going back to 2012. Who’s to say if we can expect more collaborative releases from the two artists? All we know for sure is that ‘No Worries EP‘ is an inspired effort from devoted producers that deserve our attention.

Mia Wallace – Werner Niedermeier – No Worries


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