Matteo Spedicati – Never Let Us Go [ Alfa Romero Rec. ]

Artist: Matteo Spedicati
Title: Never Let Us Go
Remixer(s): Ben Hoo
Label: Alfa Romero Recordings
Release Date: 11/08

1) Never Let Us Go
2) Never Let Us Go (Ben Hoo Remix)

Alfa Romero are back on the road for summer 2014, this time shifting down the gears and swerving off the beaten track for a sultry evening’s ride with the roof down.

Italian producer Matteo Spedicati’s original version is a deftly produced slice of sophisticated, modern house music. It’s sleek and simple but devastatingly addictive, proving Matteo’s undeniable talents behind the desk once again.

Ben Hoo’s remix is a wonderfully deep, atmospheric and subtle rework which captures the essence of the original but takes it to a completely new dimension. Stretched out synth work creates a downtempo electronica vibe which when paired with the oscillating rhythms, fluid bassline and jazzy electronics, creates a track that is rich in both depth and complexity.

Highly acclaimed improvisational artist Massimo Pasca provides the artwork for the release.


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