Mark Henning Interview

London’s Mark Henning has risen up as one of the underground’s true players – recording for a volley of international house & techno labels.

Born to English and German parents, he has spent most of his life in England, though has never forgotten his German roots and is now firmly settled in Berlin. Since quitting his city job in 2007 he’s been nominated for a DJ Mag award, toured all over the world, released an album and countless well-received and heavily supported EPs and remixes.


Exclusive Interview For AltroVerso By Valeria De Medio (Miss Wu)


-Born in London, settled in Berlin: Would you say there are elements of both cities in your music?
Yes for sure. The bass lines come from London and the ‘techno’ from Berlin.

-What’s the difference, in your opinion, between UK and Berlin clubbing?
In Berlin the scene is more liberal.. clubs stay open very very late. Once you’re in the clubs here you’re not harassed by security you’re free to just have fun. Over course it can be tricky to get into the Berlin clubs in the first place!

-Was there a moment in your life when you thought “ok, I wanna be a dj”?
A couple of years before I quite my old job to pursue music full time I thought it’s now or never. It still took me 2 years to actually go through with it.

-How do ‘the market’ needs condition your inspiration and your own production?
I mostly just get inspired from great music that i’ve discovered – nothing to do with the market or scene. In terms of my production, sometimes I do think about what would work better commercially – e.g. which tracks to put together on a record.

-How do you choose music to remix? And how do you choose dis to remix your music? 
I quit remixing 2-3 years ago..

-Jeff Mills once said that Techno should be mostly heard, not danced: what do you think about this?
I love Jeff Mills but he’s definitely more of a conceptual person than I am.. for me it’s all about losing yourself on the dance floor. I don’t really listen to any dance music when I’m not in the club or studio.

-You’re a dj but you’re also a father: How do you keep this balance?
I don’t party too hard any more 😉

-How did you first get associated with Poker Flat?
Steve Bug wrote to me last year asking for some music as he liked my last releases… I eventually sent him something and bam, the new Pusher EP was released really quickly. It’s great to be on the label.


Mark Henning ‘Pusher EP’ out on Poker Flat now…/pusher-ep





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