Manuela Gandolfo Interview

Hi Manuela, it’s a pleasure to receive you on AltroVerso pages.
Hi Giada and AltroVerso’s guys, it’s a pleasure for me and thank you for this interwiew !!!

To start, the classic ritual question: What brought you to become a dj?
To date, I can answer you: the passion and the desire to be part of the music world.

At the beginning you used an artistic name that then you left, preferring your real name, why?
Simply, I thought, it would be more real and professional.

After important participations in clubs and after parties, you essayed in music production and until today you created excellent releases that had the “support” and the cooperation of great remixers such Simina Grigoriu and Francesca Lombardo, for example. Tell us your story as producer.
I Started as a DJ, but going forward, we must grow and then begin to produce their own music, which I personally love to do! So, I took a course from a sound engineer, of my city and I learned the basics from artists like Cipi and Lorenzo Chiabotti!

“The meeting” with Francesca Lombardo was important? Can you comment it?
Yes, her support for me is very important, and it is rare to find artists like her, who support you and believe in you! We remain in contact and we exchange opinions about music and more.

In your diary you can count many performances, in fact you played in
various European nations. What memories do you have and where did you feel better?

They were all beautiful experiences, that I will always carry in my musical baggage, without those, I would not be who I am! Whenever is different, but always beautiful.
Surely, one that I’ll remember, was the gig at Space in Ibiza, with the organization Savana Potente and the magic after to Classic Club.

Is the radio-show “Soundrise” continuing with m2o radio? What can you tell us about it?
Radio M2O, is a wonderful Radio, run by people equally wonderful and for me it is an honor to work with them. For this, I wish to thank Andrea Rango, artist and organizer, for his support.

From a sound point of view, which is the element that you find that changed the most in your music, if there is, and what instead is steady in your DNA?
The only constant factor is always the deep, which I’ll put in my music and melodies that are important to me.

What other projects are growing for your next future?
At the moment my plans for the future are: a residence, once a week, with Ibiza Global Radio, in Ibiza, where you can listen to live my DJ sets and I’m also collaborating with various artists,for a future releases. In March a new Ep with Affinity Rec. We’ll see what happens …

To end, what advice you fell to address to those who want approach the “electronic music”?

-Sincerely, only so much passion, perseverance and always much optimistic!

We thank you for the interview Manuela and we greet you, wishing you the

Thank you to you and I wish you the best for AltroVerso family!!!







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