Love International

Love International is an ever-evolving collective of like minded artists, musicians and creative beings who have met through the international club/dj/music scene.

Our basic message is simple. We aim to spread the message of love through music & art. We believe in their power to unite people, breaking down barriers and making the world a better place through our understanding and individual gifts to the world.

Love International is a fully charity pop label with a twisted music policy that encompasses house, disco, techno, experimental and anything in between, and beyond - with the added emphasis on quality, fun, and an open mindset. Providing a platform for quality local and regional artists to showcase their work to an international audience, alongside established and well-known producers/djs from around the world. We continue to hold label showcases in locales from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam to Tokyo to Berlin

As a green label, we will do our part for the environment by making sure that all our activities are in vision with an environmentally sustainable ethos