La Fraicheur – The Movements (Official Video)

 « I want to use moments of dancing to stimulate a bit of political awakening »(La Fraicheur)

“The Movements” is the most vindictive and propulsive track of the album.
A veritable ecstatic missiles that is sure to create aftershocks on dancefloors for months to come. The track puts in abyss an interview of Angela Davis made with Amy Goodman for Democracy Now which develops the idea ofintersectionality, which is according to her, the most relevant, powerful and contemporary way of approaching all discriminatory forms of policies and to combat them.

Note from the director, Lucas Langlais: « The music video offers a double dynamic vision of the lyrics: a typographical and rhythmic reading of these, supported by a mise en abime of images of police violence distanced by the presence of characters / shadows in foreground ».


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